Times’ Flight

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Times’ Flight

It’s been with us since the dawn of creation,
We abuse it during our daily recreations!
Imperative for our important works’ deadlines,
Unavoidably, we use and abuse time all the time!
Just think of this for but a moment,
Without thinking, blinking it’s spent!
The amount of wasted time in a day,
Is mind bogglingly horrifyingly crazy!!
Never mind looking at this as a unit on the week,
Or what about a month, a year crikey, looking bleak!
And then, look at this in terms of the millennium?
How much wasted time has this now become?
What would happen if we were prohibited in its use?
Could we stop the cruelty of its’ abuse?
Take away certain commonly used phrases,
Perhaps this way, we could save time in phases?
Give me ten, just a minute, hold on a sec,
Abuse all the way, now time’s here to protect!
Preserving the infinity of time is not going to be easy,
Starting requires using its’ damn commodity!
However we look to commence, we are guilty!
None the less of wasting its purest quality!
If we had no time, where would we be?
Be here if at all, or stuck in infinity?
And what’s infinity without its presence?
Damn, now there is a thought, omnipresence!
What of the possibility of reincarnation?
If there was no time, what of creation?
Trapped, within the realms of time itself!
Without it, would indeed we be our self?
What is self without time then, it is anything?
Good Lord, as a concept it’s endlessly tiring!
But is this right, without time, what is?
Theoretically the concept of the preservation thesis!
Let me start again, let me see, is this right?
That we are unable to stop time, day or night?
How much are we wasting then, if we can not stop?
Confusion is ever present now atop,
My ever whirring and churning brain,
Essence of time consequentially causes pain?
Should we at all challenge the flight of time?
No, bugger, forget l even started this rhyme!

© Rory Matier 2019

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16 thoughts on “Times’ Flight

  1. Nice poem Rory 😀, that endless mistress that has no beginning and no end but we can’t live without she’s everywhere and nowhere she’s the silent ghost on are back all the time we feal her wait but she’s waitless.


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