What is it about Coffee Shops or is it The Cafe?

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What is it about Coffee Shops or is it The Cafe?

I’m never bored, never ever bored. If I’ve got a day off I’ll sit in a cafe and watch and observe. I’m a great observer.

David Suchet

This morning Suze and l had a conversation about tomorrow – we agreed we would travel into Deal and visit another one of the coffee shops in the town and have a coffee and a treat [gluten free fancy] , a bit of a break away from the house and just have some down time for an hour or so .

We started this new habit l guess about a month ago. There are quite a few coffee shops/cafe’s in Deal on account of it being a seaside town with a fair amount of tourists every year both in and out of season.

I’d much rather hang out in a cafe. That’s where things are really happening.

Joe Sacco

It also allows me some time to think of things, new ideas or even new questions ……
…………… the other day
Angie asked me in blog why l was asking about fridge magnets and also quite often l am asked why l ask certain questions which are sometimes random and abstract? Well, as l have recently written, this blog is both a personal and a business blog combined, and this means that in addition to the personal ‘bloggy’ things l am usually looking for answers for ideas to do with my research for either my shops and their designs and or ideas for research to do with my online business of business study. Plus many a time, l am actually asking questions for the benefit of new series, features, prompts, games or challenges  for the blog itself.

The fridge magnet question was asked because l am looking for a new giveaway freebie for the blog. We have the pens but l am looking for something smaller which has more user ability and fridge magnets are the item of choice.

So why am l asking about ‘Coffee shops’ then? Because l am looking at a couple of ideas on blog features, a new series for later this year or early next and also designs for the tee shirts themselves.

Anyway, let’s crack on …

Buffy The Vampire Slayer, Friends, Pretty Little Liars, Frasier, Gilmore Girls, Seinfeld, Beverly Hills 90210,Saved by the Bell, Breaking Bad, Better Call Saul, Girls, are all associated with cafes below do you know which ones? Do you know what makes the others famous?


Café Nervosa

Birch Coffee

Espresso Pump

The Peach Pit

Loyola’s Family Restaurant

Four Barrel Coffee


Sightglass Coffee

Luke’s Diner

Blue Bottle Coffee

Monk’s Cafe

Café Grumpy

Central Perk

 La Colombe Torrefaction

Café Du Monde

Stumptown Coffee Roasters

The Max

Rear Window Brew

If I don’t feel like writing on a certain day, I just go to the cafe and hang around.

Elizabeth Berg

What is it about coffee shops or cafes that people find so fascinating? Do you frequent them? I know some of my readers actually do use coffee shops on a regular basis and indeed create and publish blog posts whilst visiting? So, why do that? What is it about the coffee shop that is so appealing – why not simply write from the comfort of your own home?

If you do use coffee shops what do you prefer to call them? Is it coffee shops, cafes, diners, houses or something else?

Do you meet up with your friends? Business associates, the parents or in-laws? What’s your favourite hot drink? What’s your favourite haunt for your coffee, chocolate or tea or even just hot water?

Is it the environment, the music, the ambience, the warmth – what? What makes for the ideal location for you to want to take a load off, rest your feet, order your fave brew and just watch the world spin by?

Let me know your answers below in the comments section – cheers Rory

I write in cafes, never at home. I cannot focus at home, am forever getting off my chair to do other things. In a cafe, I have to sit still, or I’ll look a bit unhinged.

Lisa Jewell

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34 thoughts on “What is it about Coffee Shops or is it The Cafe?

  1. A place with peaceful ambiance where you are able too have a good time either with a company or alone. What matters the most is too enjoy the current time. It’s difficult to make the choice between the too as it definitely depends upon mood. But if I am with my husband or father in law definitely first preference would be coffee shop.

    1. Good afternoon Tanvir, many thanks for your insights to the ‘coffee shop’, genuinely appreciate that.

      I agree with you ‘peaceful ambiance’ certainly does make the experience more worthwhile 🙂

  2. I hate being late for anything, so if I have an appointment somewhere and I’m not sure how long it will take to get there, I will leave extra early and spend some time in a coffeeshop near my destination. It’s a nice chance to have a latte or a mocha, plus there’s no stress at all about potentially being late. Starbucks is ubiquitous where I live, and I usually go there mostly because I’m so familiar with their menu.

    1. Hey Ashley, good afternoon to your good morning 🙂

      I always love this word … ubiquitous – it is one of those special words that rolls off the tongue like eclectic anyway, moving on.

      Thanks for this … ‘ totally agree’ with you concerning the no stress element … you know l had never been into a Starbucks until last Friday when we visited the one in Deal and l was very impressed …. strangely enough it was my experience in there last week that made me think of the idea l have whizzing around in my head 🙂

      Have a great Thursday 🙂

    1. Is it still a thing for some libraries to have those coffee corners with the couches? i know here in the UK some years back, that was something that was just starting to take off which sounds like it could be a cool chilling place to be also.

  3. Is very rarely that I go but I have noticed here in Singapore Starbucks is full of students…seems they like to study there…
    Back in Italy sometimes we had our cappuccino and brioche in the coffe shop…actually bar 😊😉

  4. In Seattles I used to go to Starbucks a lot. It’s after all the original home of the Café chain. But note that I am back, I only go there to meet friends.

  5. Starbucks is everywhere! Too many IMO. There used to be a little coffee shop about a mile from my house, nice walking distance, that I would go to. It was tiny though with no outside seating which I prefer. Starbucks moved in down the street and the little shop closed.

    When I meet up with my mother its usually breakfast or Starbucks. I usually get a “Hammerhead” which is coffee with shots of espresso added or a Mocha.

    Starbucks is too busy for me to just chill there. I’d want something more like the little shop. Or just stay at home honestly.

    I keep hoping for another little shop to open, but with 3 Starbucks within walking distance of my house, I dont think it will happen.

    What’s your favorite coffee Rory?

    1. The Starbucks in Deal is very quiet, more like a small coffee shop, l didn’t know it was a Starbucks until Suze told me and l was somewhat surprised in truth … astonished more like .. “It’s so quiet ?” I said … “Yes, because it’s out of season, in summer it is thriving, way too busy for you and me.” She answered.

      I am terribly conventional and old fashioned with coffee … Black/2 brown sugar. I think that is an Americano?

      I can’t stand full beancoffee really, and only prefer instant …. failing that Turkish coffee, but that’s hard to come by the way l like it – so l then go for coffee like spitfire fuel.

  6. Most of the time, I walk into coffee shops and get my coffee to go. I rarely sit down at a table in the coffee shop and drink my coffee.

    1. Did you specifically give up caffein for a reason Gary? Have you tried Chicory root coffee which is not specifically caffein? We have tea and coffee shops down here, but they don’t specifically restrict themselves to one or the other only, but do offer a range of ‘tea’ products from herbals to Earl greys and so on.

  7. Nice post Rory 😀.
    It’s been a very long time since I hung out in a coffee shop, I use to go to a little dinner/coffee shop with my nabors at night and have coffee and danishes and chat, around where I live now the only kind of coffee shop is Dunken Donuts and their to expensive for me.


  8. On grey murky days in London when I am going from here to there (and don’t have time to go home) it is nice to lollop in a coffee shop and sip sweet coffee before I have to go to my next appointment.

    And it is an easy place to meet friends for a chat…better than a pub where there are oglers.

    1. Hey Mel, l would and do totally agree on that – l have never liked pubs because of the way l can feel inside them because of the way people can look at you, so on that level – yes a coffee shop is ideal 🙂

      I do so love the word ‘lollop’ 🙂

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