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“Sometimes l just wonder late at night lying in bed watching the darkness getting darker as we do – knowing that we need to live whilst we are alive if that is the same as enjoying death when we are dead? I mean do we have the acknowledgement of being dead or do we just not wake up one day and realise we never will? So, knowing that instead of merely existing whilst we are alive and living our life surely is the motivation to not be dead and unliving our death, because l think that might be bad, but it’s not like we can enjoy our life with death, although it’s very much a part of the living aspect – you know – l mean do we even remember?

Rory Matier


“What is it like…. what is it like to be dead?’ Evan looked at him with his dull, unblinking blue eyes, ‘ I don’t know, what is it like…… to be alive?”

Daniel Waters

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