It’s About Time! – Because Inevitably ….


In order for me to win my spontaneity back and get the most out of my life again, l needed fixed routines! Kind of ironic, no?

Rory Matier


It’s About Time! – Because Inevitably …. It Always Is!

Part 4.1

“You’ll never change your life until you change something you do daily. The secret of your success is found in your daily routine.”

John C. Maxwell

The final installments took longer to write because they deal with Time – my Time – a commodity l have conflicts and struggles with – daily – in order for me to regain control of my life l had to master Time – l had to master my use of my Time….

One month equals on average 30.4 days and each day equates to 24 hours and each hour equates further to 60 minutes and each minute is made up of 60 seconds and each second is made up of 1000 milliseconds. Each year has 12 months, 52 weeks and 8760 hours which is 3.154e+7 seconds. Each week comprises of 604,800 seconds, each day is made up of 86,400 seconds and each month equals 2.628e+6 …

l bet you knew most of that, and if not most then in the very least some. Panic not, l didn’t know all of that, but l did know a lot more than some. I have always been fascinated with Time – in some ways it is like an obsession. It will never change, because ever since l was small l had a strange fixation with unusual numbers – useless trivia great for a pub quiz? No, l mean counting – l count odd numbers – l used to count trees on car journeys then work out the average leaf count, but l used to count Time … Time … we all have quirks but more importantly we all have whether we want to or not a fascination with Time – why?

Because inevitably – we all need more of it!

I would be surprised if some of you didn’t know l had a thing for Time, seriously l would be! For the last ten months and still counting l have been trying to squeeze more Time out of my day and utilise Time more proactively and effectively, l have been trying to make 7 days eight! Trying to conjure up the 25 hour day!

Well guess what folks?

Exactly, ‘That ain’t happening pal! You have the same amount of Time as the rest of us, utilise it more efficiently! You have shit that needs doing then work your magic and your obsession with Time and numbers, patterns and routines and effect a result!” That’s what l have had to do…. but why?

Well at the start of 2019, l decided that l wanted to start living my life again – the shoulder injury was holding me back and had knocked me off the motivation pedestal – but l knew that wouldn’t be the situation for ever… l decided that things in my life had to change for the better …. lots of things had to change and so from January l started to change  and turn my life around .. l couldn’t do everything at once but as l am notorious for saying “Rome wasn’t built in a day!”


Rome Wasn’t Built in a Day, But They Were Laying Bricks Every Hour. John Heywood was an English playwright who lived hundreds of years ago. Today, Heywood is known for his poems, proverbs, and plays. But more than any one work, it’s his phrases that have made him famous.

Important work takes time. This expression functions as an injunction or plea for someone to be patient. For example, You can’t expect her to finish this project in the time allotted; Rome wasn’t built in a day. This phrase was a French proverb in the late 1100s but was not recorded in English until 1545.

I knew that l could change my life but it would take Time, and numbers and routines and patterns …

In January my blog was chomping out nearly 18 units of work a day … 18!!? I know, WTF? Way too many, hey l was a noob, sure l still am, no denying that – but l am learning new stuff about blogging daily, about my audience about my readership, l have tolerant friends here .. and more importantly l was learning more about me as well.

To me … blogging is a journey of discovery and that means you explore and adventure down many paths of learning and all the curves!! I’ll not bore you with my other endeavours of life changing, because they are addressed in the Dear Blog or the Positive Brain series or indeed the Changing Face – which is the big ‘branding’ operation l have ongoing currently in my blog, but my successes and losses are throughout my blog penned in a hundred thousand plus words … you can find them should you wish.


Last week on the last post to this series Ursula asked me an interesting question which l didn’t address at that point … because l can be quite a pedant when it comes to certain things and knew that this episode and the 4.2 episode would address it anyway – hence why l draw reference to Ursula’s comment here.

“Which reminds me, I saw a comment-chat on your previous post in this series – are you planning on turning this blog into a commercial one rather than a personal one?”

One of the changes was that l wanted to start an online business … but as l have aged, l have become so much slower and more clumsy at multitasking – so holding down two blogs one for ”business” and one personal blog was never going to work. In 2017, l started with three blogs then, one for the Tee shirt business [ The Tee Shirt Blogger], one for Scrappy [Doodlepip’s Adventures] and of course the A Guy Called Bloke blog and that was just too stressful, so l amalgamated all of them together in January to March of 2018 and made my life much easier.

This blog in many ways has always been both a personal and business blog. The difference being l don’t promote it as a business blog, l promote it as an eclectic blog filled with diversity and neurodiversity. That’s better for me, l have always found more success with the two mixed than as two seperate. I am strange like that, l am not a 100% personal me ever, l am sort of a 65% personal me and 35% professional me. Not a conventional 50/50 split at all.

Although, today, my blog sits on a commercial WP Plan, but you don’t see a shopfronted store facing with me, because that’s not my style – you still see this ‘personal’ blog and you only know it’s a commercial plan, because l have said so both now and back in June when l upgraded.

I upgraded to commercial, rightly or wrongly because like a car  – that whilst it can achieve speeds of above 120 mph+ it only has that capability “In case it ever needs it’, well my blog has the upgrade for the same reasoning, in case l ever need it. I did need more space for images, but also because l have plans for vlogging and podcasting and more features as l progress.

We would all love to make money from our blogs that would be lovely, but whilst l am  an okay writer l am not a gifted author and so writing was not going to be my way. I didn’t want whiz bang advertising assailing my readers [this is just my opinion, not a reflection on others] – because l personally find it seriously distracting reading and having something flashing beside my focus.

No, my mainline business would be off blog, as l wish to be an Amazon Goods Trader, but utilising my blog indirectly for my business, my ideas, my designs and market research and so making money that way and not hard pressing my readership. I have Tee Shirt Designs in the blog now and l have a Redbubble shop but unless you have navigated your way around my blog, you have never had it thrust into your face. The only time you do see these is when l create and publish posts that tie in with my designs and l am running a campaign on new Topical Posts.

A Guy Called Bloke Feature Main JPEG

I chose to ‘brand’ my blog as part of my personal and professional journey – A Guy Called Bloke has two brands – the Blog Logo is above this paragraph, whilst my business Brand Logo and Trading name is below displayed in two colours but is Guy Called Bloke … and that is only found in the About sections of the Blog.



However, this year, l wanted to as said ‘try and squeeze’ more time out of an average day, for the many pursuits l had both personally and professionally and l knew that was going to be hard. You see it wasn’t just a business l wanted to study for and secure success to which is a long use of Time anyway – but l have more designs to implement and l want them in a few more online stores than l currently have – and trust me when l say each shop takes time to create and get up and running.[Roughly six weeks non stop]

But l also wanted to learn a side line business of Life Coaching for Autism and l wanted to keep running my blog. So business study, personal study, blog work, starting a business, online shop creation and interacting with my readership takes up collectively more than 24 hours a day. Something had to give and publishing, sharing and reblogging 18 units a day was not the way to achieve more time for more features!

I have always had a problem with regulating and moderating my time …. many say it’s an Asperger’s thing, others say it’s just me .. who knows personally l think it’s more of an Aspergic Me thing! But l am the guy who can’t ever have just one cookie from the jar and only regrets it when l have stomach cramps and an empty jar!

So l knew l would have to adopt, adapt, evolve and implement a strategy and then live by it and so in June/July this year l started the new journey into Time Management! So far working with the results l have achieved success … but l’ll outline that to you in Part 4.2.

A Guy Called Bloke Feature Main for Logo JPEG

“Self-care is how you take your power back.”

Lalah Delia

17 thoughts on “It’s About Time! – Because Inevitably ….

  1. Yep, I totally gotcha there. Gave up the 3TC and reading every post in my feed. Now I do a scattershot read, focusing on those who leave comments on mine and others as I have time. I also (sorry) have given up a lot of the fun question type posts regularly and only do them on occasion.

    What’s interesting though is I’m finding it more enjoyable to write one long (800 word) post in a continuing story, now that I can focus, rather than stress about churning out 4-5 mini posts per day. Interesting to me anyway! 😻

    1. I was just going off to dinner when l first responded, however l wanted to say thanks for the comment – it was excellent in many ways and the reason l wanted to use it for tomorrow’s post is because like you have outlined here about not doing all prompts, questions etc and concentrating on ‘quality’ l can totally resonate with that because that is where l took myself to – which comes with learning the ropes and more so when time is short –


  2. Organizing time and yourself accordingly is the answer. No matter how many posts you wrote a day, if you can manage to do it with ease and keep some free time to relax and do other non-blog related things, you’re okay.

  3. Your readership also have their own time issues. By reducing your posts and putting more focus into the one you do, you’re giving your readers a better way to interact with you and your blog.
    Like Paula wrote, I used to try to read every post in my reader, and I felt bad if I didnt. Now I skip some and dont stress. I actually appreciate fewer posts sometimes.
    I’m working on changing my mindset from “finding” time to “making” time. It’s about priorities for me. Making time for the things I want to do and not trying to do everything.

  4. Excellent post I would say Rory! For me, I guess you did find that magic of 25 hours daily 🙂
    I had a recent period that I was very stressed out with time, I always had the feeling that I don’t have enough for doing everything I want even if I try to manage it and not waste any second….I was so stressed out until I realized that nothing will change, I can’t get more time, whatever I do, damn it…we all have 24 hours and that’s it, I better make it clear for myself 🙂
    Working for the business part is definitely not easy….honestly, except a few posts I did not do anything at all! I have setup the shop and that’s it! I know I need to start making some marketing but I guess is just not the moment yet 🙂 You said you’re more 65/35, well I guess I am somewhere around 5 business and 95 personal 🙂
    “But l am the guy who can’t ever have just one cookie from the jar and only regrets it when l have stomach cramps and an empty jar!” Oh yes, better in this way 🙂

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