How Varied Is Your Weekly Diet?

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How Varied Is Your Weekly Diet?

As you may know l am currently under a nutritionist [well not literally of course, Suze might complain about me being under Liz – that’s the nutritionist!] For that matter so too is Suze [as in also under the nutritionist! There’s a lot to be said for a good threesome!] But not today and not in this post!

Today’s question is about food  .. Liz [nutritionist] has advised both Suze and l to increase our variety of food types to fifty in a week – it might sound hard graft, in some ways it’s not whilst in others it is, as fifty different food types is actually a lot of different food!

I seem to recall that the Japanese at one point advised their own populations to eat from thirty different food types a day! It is regarded as a huge health energiser to eat from a varied diet mixture daily and there are a lot of benefits from eating from a wide range of food types each week … but of course exactly how managable and sustainable in that to many people?

Have you ever wondered how many different food types you personally consume in 7 days?

Eating from a varied and diverse range of food types is really good for our gut health and of course processed food types are really bad for gut health – so foods such pizza, biscuits, cakes, burgers, energy drinks etc. and foods containing artificial sweeteners, preservatives and emulsifiers have been shown to dramatically reduce the number of bacteria in the gut.

So Suze and l this week are counting what food types we actually eat from ….

It’s madness is what it is!

However back to the original question :

How Varied Is Your Weekly Diet?

Do you think you consume 50 different food types a week?

Suze and l are already starting to write down our list , made a little more difficult because both of us are not allowed certain food types to begin with!

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30 thoughts on “How Varied Is Your Weekly Diet?

      1. I think the simple advise is this … don’t eat highly processed food.
        Avoid stuff that comes out of a can. If you have to eat packaged food then read the contents. If you need a degree in chemistry to understand what it says, then don’t eat it. If there are more than two ingredients that your grandmother wouldn’t recognise, then don’t eat it.
        By all means go to ‘family restaurants’ – but don’t confuse the stuff they sell with food.

        1. I stopped buying a lot of canned and packaged things a long time ago. I buy frozen or fresh veggies, fruit, make my own mashed potatoes, fries and things like that when I can. I also go to the meat market as often as I can. The meat seems so much better.

    1. It’s quite the question isn’t it? I have had to have a forty plus panel blood test done, and l had to wait till l was confident my food types were up to 40, now l am aiming for 50+

  1. Are different kinds of cheese different food groups?🤔😂 I eat a crap diet and I know it. Cheesy pasta, chili & rice, veggie egg rolls… not enough fruit & veggies. Then there’s the scones & cinnamon rolls and croissants… 50 sounds like a lot, unless a veggie soup counts for like 10-15?

      1. I guess 50 isn’t that difficult. I eat a larger variety than I thought. Still need more veggies though.
        I really only eat one meal a day. I have food issues and have to make myself eat most of the time.
        It’s not body image, it’s a mental thing from when I kept going through withdrawals from the opiates…blag blah blah…
        You & Suze have fun under your nutritionist 😉😂

        1. I was jotting down the listing today and it’s not that big a deal in truth, l should imagine there are some folks who don’t eat from a large pool, through many important reasons as well. Which both nutritionists and dieticians alike seemingly forget many a time.

          1. Yeah, Ben eats very few things. We keep trying new stuff and he’s not having it. He will literally starve rather than eat something he doesnt want. Dont know what a nutritionist would do with that.

  2. My diet is chep crappy food 98% of the time but there’s not much I can do about that right now.
    50 a week wow that sounds hard to do or is that 50 in a week. 🤔


    1. ently 50 a week is ”’supposed”’ the normal households Dawn – which l struggle to know if that is true or not – l mean Suze and l eat from a fairly broad range now, but do we consume 50?? Not sure.

      1. I use to eat a lot of deferent veges and fruit when I was younger but I don’t think it worked out to 50 a week.

        BY FOR NOW

    1. You never know you might surprise yourself Sadje, l think it’s because we never really sit down and say ‘Oh today l am going to eat 15 food types’ . I eat a lot of different fish and when l counted them alone for a week it came to 11 and l was like Wow!! Really??

        1. That’s exactly it Sadje, l think most of us probably do have quite high counts, but we have never ‘actually counted it’. It’s like if you are making an actual soup then you are looking at the inclusion of a lot of different food types – l read today that ‘herbs’ are also classed as different types – so when you then include them – again most of us are closer and probably higher.

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