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Working Seaview Wildlife Encounter – Isle of Wight 2015

Day 2:

Well a little different from yesterday, however more raking, sweeping and brushing.
Gathering rubbish which the wind had blown all over the place. Gathering the bins also, from enclosures and in the lake. Cleaning bird poop off broad green leaves, taking leaves out of Koi ponds and cleaning moulded plastic Dinosaur heads.. Two walks around the park looking at all the animals and all the ducks and geese, it’s spooky how many they have here…. and picking up duck and goose poop!!

Day 3.

I wish l could tell you something different, but l cannot.

So more brushing, sweeping, cleaning and raking.

The Park has a fair share of animals, mostly bird species – notably Ducks, geese, ducks, geese, flamingos, swans, parrots, an owl, alpacas, donkeys, baby doll sheep, Kookaburra, potbellied pigs, wallabies, meerkats, pelicans, penguins, otters, more ducks and geese, goats and fancy rats, peacocks and hens and even more ducks and geese.

l don’t think l have EVER been in one place where the ducks and geese outnumber the humans at a forty to one ratio – Hitchcock must have visited this park for his imagination to play with The Birds – the one thing that there is – is truck loads of duck and goose poop – more of this type poop than any other poop. This job albeit voluntary is one long exercise into picking up splat!  I never knew there was so much diversity in poop until l started working here!


Whenever I feel nervous, I feel like I have to poop.

Kendra Wilkinson


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