Dear Blog – 21.35 – 12/10/19

There’s something still in the house …. again!


Mm, this house … there’s something to it … l have always known that, deep down. even when l first viewed the house back in 2016  –  July 10th, which was a bloody dry hot heated day here in Kingsdown. It was hot, it was a stifling heat, the sweat was creeping down from your armpits … but l remember viewing the property.  The tenants were still here – they were reptile people and so they had vivariums in collapsed state as well as constructed and running – this meant there was  even more heat in the house than normal and l still felt the presence.

Truth is, l felt two, one at my feet and then there was her. The little one l have figured is the dog, Scrappy when not in canine dementia state like she is now, used to see the dog – we both did, frequently a little white dog, l am guessing that is what Scrappy used to see .. because when l watched the dog, Scrappy was watching the same space. Suze isn’t open like that, but she felt the shift in air.

But l see Olive quite a bit. The lady who died in the house 11 years ago. She didn’t physically die in this house, neither did her Scottie .. but her spirit died here and that’s what is refusing to move on.

It matters not how often l sage the property either…. l see her there, l feel her passing through me at times .. l see her shadow in the shadows late at night – she is not menacing, nor is her dog Ernie….but the other presence, well that one – that is .

I have saged this house since September 2016  – 7 times – the last saging was two months ago, l had to shift a trace of my father and l DID shift him or rather the negativity on the belongings here … but now there is something else – l think this house is a portal to negativity.

It’s either that or it’s me … the house in the Isle of Wight in Havenstreet … Lyncroft that had a presence as well, an Asian lady a very, very unhappy Asian lady – l am pretty sure l am NOT a walking portal … l would be a tad annoyed if l was, my guide doesn’t lead me to believe that either.

Two nights ago, someone else was in my bed with me, l could feel them there, a cold clammy presence, l was actually quite concerned .. normally l can cope with the real stuff my gift throws at me …it’s ironic, l can no longer watch horror movies as it scares me, but l can see all kinds of wierd scary shit and it matters not! But this particular presence does alarm me … it has been in my life before … l will have to watch this one… because this one does scare me.

Then last night, the darkness, the darkness was so dark,  the presence takes to the corners at night and consumes the darkness, large dark waves roll over the darkness and then the corners start to speak! I hate it when the darkness speaks, but l have to listen.

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Dear Blog ……

18 thoughts on “Dear Blog – 21.35 – 12/10/19

  1. Black Tourmaline! A bracelet, necklace/pendant or just a piece in your pocket.

    Sweet grass after the sage. Sweet grass draws positive.

    I almost never SEE things, mostly I hear. I’ve been catching the corner of the eye thing a LOT recently and I felt a touch on my shoulder the other day.
    Something has everything all stirred up. Scary thought there.

    Be careful!

    1. Hey Gary, no, it’s not that kind of presence – l see it as a figure where as some might only see what they minds wants them to see -l can see during the day and it’s mostly a sensation first then an image of a couple of seconds, then a feeling, then an emotion.

      Not quite sure how to capture that … there are many trains of thought ….is it my mind ‘troubled’ over something conjuring, is it my mind which is able to detect these sensations through portaling, am l a nutter ? The latter ha ha, no, but my mind and the imaging and the emotions are connected.

  2. I would love to know if they want you to do something for them or do they simply seek you out for their own comfort. Ellie and I work with a search and recovery unit and in the past, I have often seen images of those lost before the call outcomes in for us to start work. And this is why I wonder if these tormented souls find your presence a comfort?

    1. Mm, no not just a halloween thing – this is part and parcel of normal life – most of the time l tend to try and deactivate my brain and not let it bother me … but sometimes, just sometimes my brain overrides that decision.

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