Thursday Inspiration 25 – 10th October 2019

Thursday Inspiration is the creation of Paula of Light Motif II

Welcome to Thursday Inspiration! This is my weekly prompt post and hopefully it will inspire you to write something creative, perhaps a poem or a piece of flash fiction. If you’d like to share your writing with the community, please indulge me and tag your post with #p0eticlicense and/or #lightm0tifs, and of course link back if you wish. I will try to visit everyone who participates. 🙂

This week’s theme is adventure and the picture is below. Here is the song snippet from “Born To Be Wild” recorded by Steppenwolf in 1968:

Get your motor runnin’
Head out on the highway
Lookin’ for adventure
And whatever comes our way


I saw this yesterday on Paula’s blog and felt inspired, but l saw this octopuss in it’s groovy colours down in the depths of the ocean spaced out of it’s molluscian skull on sea kale and ganga and at the same time had the Banana Boat Song Day O from Beetlejuice swimming around in my head at the same time as Born to be Wild! So if you want to read this poem, get into the spirit of being a spaced out stoned 8 armed octopus at the bottom of the sea experiencing a constant white out after seeing a massive whale shark!


Hey there!! Howya’’ doin?
I’m Tao O yeah, that’s me,
I’m tripping, all the time,

I am The Adventurous Octopussy,
…. In these waters l am simply known as TAO O!
It is considered extremely treasonousy,
If this is something – you don’t know O!
Ya Dig?

I am TaoO, like DayO, but TaoO,
The Adventurous Octopussy,
I was born to be free and wildO,
Cuz, l ain’t no borin’ platypussy!
Ya dig me now?

I like colours to be vibrant you knowO?
They need to be outa the mind like psychedelic …
… man,
Ya know, ya dig me,  hallucinogenic,
Even ..
Cos that’s the kind of Octopussy l am
… yeah l am grooooovy,
I am a sea dwelling motorbiking 8 armed
… squid like smoothie!
Down here deep dwellin’, as l am…
…Day in day out,
I am trippin’ all the time,
… on the shit ya see down here in the dark ,
We have all kinds of spooky shiny surreality
Ya know – like giant spotty whale sharks!
Whoa, they’re hugely mindblowin’ to a mollusc such as me…
Ya knowO?
So l am always up for it,
…ya knowO, ya dig l ain’t that fussy
Cos l am TaoO …
…. The Adventurous Octopussy!
I can get you stuff too,
…. If you need it on the hush hushy …
Like  ….
…. Pink shells, yellow shells, shiny shells too,
Or maybe your thing is like bad sushi!
… or jamming with the shipsters and bugaboos,
Whatever it is l can get it,  l am quite handy that way!
I ain’t no sucker, but l have a few,
if you know what l mean?
So you jus’ let me know your thannnnnnng,
… and l am guaranteed like to get your..
…motor running,
Cos l am TaoO The Adventurous Octopussy,
…and down here, this is my domain – ya dig,
…..ya sea?

© Rory Matier 2019

7 thoughts on “Thursday Inspiration 25 – 10th October 2019

    1. Did you read this out aloud Paula?? It is best served being talked out and pretending to be stoned … l was making myself laugh by doing so … it’s also sounds better than it might read 🙂

  1. (Tommy Chong voice) Far out man! Hey man…I like the way you do that thing man. Is, like, the sea weed in your area really killer, man? Hey man, I just wanna say man, TaoO is one groovy cephalopod man. 🐙😎

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