New York , New York!!

Emily pens a terrific post here concerning the State of New York and what you can do and see … l have never been to New York and l most assuredly have never been to the state of New York … but Suze and l were just discussing we think we should!

Read on …

For the Love of New York… (10 Ways to Fall In Love with Her)

5 thoughts on “New York , New York!!

    1. Hey Emily, good to know. Suze and l were captivated .. once l read your post l was like “Hey Suze, did you know how big New York State actually was ….?”

      “Yes it’s the city she said, err, nope that’s the smallest part and we then spent almsot 40 minutes looking at your post and Google maps 🙂

      1. I’m glad I inspired this! This is exactly why I started blogging about it. Apologies for the delay in response. I was just adventuring in greater New York and reached NY’s 5th highest mountain peak, Whiteface Mtn. ❤️🏔

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