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Whoah Folks!

It seems like months since we all got together and sweated it out as we did enjoying the group quickie  eh? I have missed it, so much so, that l thought l would ask you again …. but this time on the subject of Insulated Cup – Reusable Travel Mugs or whatever you wish to call them … cups or mugs that keep your heated liquid hot and your chilled liquid cooled, that travel successfully with you in the car as well as sit at home with you or maybe used in the garden …  you know the ones that don’t leak?

Yeah, those ones …. l would like your views please on insulated cups/mugs … l would like to know if you :

Use them – ever – at all – have done – once – frequently – never?

Have them at home now in the cupboard or maybe you use them daily?

What’s the benefit you most appreciate about them?

What benefits do you look for with insultated cups/mugs?

What problems have you experienced with insulated cups or mugs that have really annoyed you?

What colour you are likely to buy?

What size are you likely to want to buy/use?

What’s the most you are willing to spend on an insulated cup/mug?

Please let me know your views below in the comment section.

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Cheer Rory

10 thoughts on “Fancy Another Quickie???

  1. I have bought them for my daughter. The most I am willing to pay for a good quality traveling mug is $20. Provided it lasts. I like my coffee at home, so I don’tuse them. Any non-violent color is fine. I prefer silver/ metallic color.

    1. Hey Sadje, many thanks – tell me what do you class as a ‘non – violent’ colour and when you say non violent colour what do you mean as in too bright or too much in your face? 🙂

  2. I use stainless steel insulated glasses/containers? all the time, but just for cold drinks. I used to have the plastic ones, but would sooner or later drop it and it would break. I have a tall blue one with red flowers from the Pioneer Woman brand, a medium sized Beast bright pink one. I like that they keep drinks cold, and they have a lid that fits good. I’m always knocking it over, so saves me spilling it all. 🙂

    1. Hey Barbara, thank you for this information – totally agree a good quality fitting lid is 100% imperative. I also like the size that is almost like the three bears porridge as in just right! some are just too awkward to handle properly. Thanks for commenting 🙂

  3. I’ve used them off and on, I don’t like to spend a lot on them because when I do it grows legs and walk away, I really don’t care how it looks just as long as it has a decent lid, I like them to be between 24 to 36 oz, the problems I’ve had with them are the bloody lids leaking when their closed, I like them manly to keep my drink warm in the winter ( manly hot cocoa this days ).


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