Dee Lish Shush! 1982 – Caramelising The Chocolate!

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Dee Lish Shush! 1982

Part 3

Caramelising The Chocolate!

[Ref: Blind Date Yummy Mummy] Paula of Light Motifs II

From part 2 ….

… “Dancing? Yes, of sorts, l think l can manage that. What’s she like, this Louisia Burke?”

“Well there she is check her out yourself!” He answered pointing to someone emerging from the back of the car….

My jaw dropped to the floor, and l think my eyes popped out on their stalks as l took her in … “Oh, Oh my, oh my goodness!!”



In order to best describe Louisia, l think some more in depth background is required ..

This was a woman who would be in my life for a good few years on and after this date, not that l knew that back then that night as l admired this woman slowly and deliberately easing herself out of the car -she would become a mentor for me in time for many things and not just how to be and behave with women, she would come to explain women to me and what they liked and disliked, in time she would become a lover, and a good friend and both, she would never become the conventional partner as such, but we were involved with each other off and on for a good ten years. She taught me things that not many women teach men and that those unlearned men might well stumble around their entire life never knowing.

This was a woman who would have been easily described as not just a party girl or a milf but a true cougar – this feline beauty oozed sex appeal – not the pretend kind that some women think they have and not the kind that men splash out as a compliment to get a woman between the sheets either … no, Louisia oozed the natural kind, the kind that the true sex bombs didn’t have to spell out to announce their arrival – it was the kind that carried into the air a scent of its very own. It charged the air around you and her with this consuming sultry electricness…. that was Louisia.

Louisia would become a deliberate stranger to me in the role of seductress – she would say “Rory, strangers always remain sexy and you always want to be with a stranger!”

She was right about that, she would be a woman of mystery who changed constantly pending her mood and every time she changed she taught me something new about her, about me and about other women.  Once she was in my life she made a huge and significant difference to the way l dressed, spoke and acted to people, but especially to women …. Louisia taught me how to be confident with them in the right way.

Once l had met her, l would forever always and only date attractive women – a lot of people get this detail mistaken for aesthetically attractive and that’s not what l mean .. sure l have dated and escorted pretty women, l have bedded beautiful women, l have fucked gorgeous women but l have only been involved with attractive women, as in there is always something else about them apart from sometimes the blatantly obvious.

The woman that unfurled from the car that night, blew my socks off – her daughter was remarkably attractive as was, but the daughter’s mother was something else! People used to say my mother was attractive and she was, but Louisia well, that was a completely different ball game, the artist snapped the brush after painting her.

She had this incredible self awareness to her lithe movement, her confidence was like a prowess in itself and when added to her smile – well, it could have been awkward had l not just started to think about a brick wall which was an emergency thing for me if l thought parts of my anatomy were about to let the side down for the team!

I have only ever known two women in my life to have that instant ‘stand to attention’ effect on me – one was Louisia and the other is Suze.

She looked good in anything she ever wore, anything as well as nothing, she always looked good, hell she could look good in a scruffy outfit, she had a certain panache  .. the other thing that was incredibly sexy about her was she told me to always be honest – to be completely open, which was a bonus because l was always being told off by others for being too honest and yet l thought being honest was a good thing – Louisia explained to me that being open and honest was a very nice trait to possess l am still open like a book even today .. some legacies just live long after the teachings  – she said openess was a real gift… she wasn’t wrong.


Louisia was wearing, which were very popular at the time in the 80’s a black lace and jersey figure hugging dress with the ra ra skirt which was just above her knee and on her feet she had bright yellow and black boots! In truth, whilst at first glance when got out of the car, l had noted the figure huggingness of the dress, it was as she walked towards me that l noticed her boots! They weren’t a boot like a Doc Martin, they were a fancy boot like a suede cowgirl boot that l was accustomed to seeing on Dolly Parton!

Louisia was ‘drop dead gorgeous’ – there was no denying that, she had great legs, and a fabulous figure and the dress hugged her not too tightly, but just right where it needed to hold and hug her curves

By the time she had walked the twenty or so feet from the car to where l stood and introduced herself to me and gave a twin peck on the cheeks [and time had stopped standing still], a trend that was big in London and gently pushed my chin up to join the top half of my jaw, l had regained my composure and smiled!

“Well, if l knew nothing else about you Rory, l would happily wake up to one of those smiles each and every day for the rest of my life, are you ready for some fun tonight??” She asked holding her hand out to mine. Just like that, Louisia, was always direct and to the point – she knew what she wanted in her life and she went out to get it – l would learn that marriage was just not for her anymore, that her recent divorce would be the last one she would ever have and that proved to be totally true.


Louisia came to realise that she wanted to explore as much to life as she could and that she would ‘never tie herself down to one man’ ever again and NEVER anyone of her own age again, always would she bed younger men! My life was set to change in extraordinary ways due to this woman and women like her…..

“Yes, most assuredly !” I answered with more confidence than l felt … but with this woman, l did feel strangely confident, something l had never felt before. There was something in the air that night, as Louisia and l sat in the back of the car whilst Burke drove us to the restaurant and she had her hand resting gently on my upper … inner thigh and smiling a knowing smile at me and teasing a strange giggle between her lips!

“What kind of dancing do you like Rory? Horizontal or vertical?” She asked.

Well l know l was naive back then, but l figured no one could possibly dance horizontally and told her so.

“Oh well then, l guess we will have to see won’t we?” With that, the teased giggle became a very seductive laugh and she smiled again and oozed her natural sexuality towards me. I smiled back, it was the only thing l could think of doing. We had just arrived at the restaurant … “Have you been drinking?” I asked.

“Yes, l have but l can hold it, like l can hold lots of things, so worry not, come on let’s go, l am absolutely starving. I need to eat and get my energy levels super charged for tonight – you should eat well to, you are going to need your stamina with me!”

She wasn’t wrong!!


Part 4 soon

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    1. Very much so, in the next episode you’ll learn why and it has nothing whatsoever to do with anything sexual – Louisia was a true Party Girl!! Just ask the policeman!

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