Lying within the dankness of the dark within,
Rotting thoughts of nothing residing in greying skin,
Weary now for everything is lost and gone,
Decomposing matter, brittling bone,
Vibrancy of life, resided once inside deep,
Misery dwells here now, escaped from the keep,
Shallow grave of my named mind,
Awaiting my end of time, shackled and confined,
Destitute and destructive pulses every awakening,
Mentally sickening soul destroying things,
Skeletally cloaked reapers shying from the light,
Ghoulishly laughing and creating further fright,
Awaiting my untimely but calculated demise,
My life, my soul, my thoughts their prize,
Been here now, for far too many days,
Shadowed horrors of the brilliant mind in decay.

Β© Rory Matier 2011

24 thoughts on “Decay

  1. Very nice. We are all dying from the moment we are born. It is making me have a little existential crisis!

        1. Sometimes as l am sure you aware Cheryl, we have to bit that bullet hard and really dig deep within ourselves – we have all done it – it’s called our survival πŸ™‚

          You know what l mean πŸ™‚

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