Beginning Composting … You Reap What You Sow!

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First a 4 Paws Update on Scrappy.

Someone asked the other day – how Scrappy was doing? Well these photos were taken this morning and still to the observer she looks good – the vets have said they believe the anal lump is going to move outwards and probably not grow inwards which could really hamper her internal organs considerably if it did.

Her legs are still wobbly – so we restrict her walking as you know to one twenty minute walk a day and on the occasion once every couple of days to keep her brain stimulated [[for positive therapy to K9 Dementia]we take her on a second very very short walk which might only be less than ten minutes and literally to the end of the street and back and she is very happy with that.

She is not in any pain that we all know of, but she is simply becoming a very old lady who also sadly has canine impairment [dementia. The latter is worse at night, and some nights it’s really horrible, then other nights it is not – then some mornings it’s bad – l checked her against the quality of life scale and both Suze and l agreed that with the small time we have left with her, to make her life as enjoyable as we can and put up with the madness of K9 dementia. She is still eating well, sleeping well, sleeping through the night with no soilings or any other accidents and urinating as she should be – we do not need to assist her with any of these basic functions  and she engages in them all voluntarily.

Suze and l came to the conclusion that whilst Scrappy would ‘not’ be able to tell us specifically – we would know when her behaviour shifts or when basic toiletting becomes a problem for her. I will of course keep you updated to her progress and my thanks and our thanks for all of your concerns.


October 10th 2019

Beginning Composting … You Reap What You Sow!

Season 3 – Autumn/Winter 2019/20

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Earlier this year [2019] l created a series called Gardeners Be Doin’ It Too! I dedicated it to Patti Moore Wilson of Wednesday’s Child. The other day l told Suzi Tench of My Colourful Life that l would create a post dealing with ‘beginner’s composting’ and l suddenly thought – why do that when l can use the series l created in May? So here you go Suzi 🙂

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As to the Current 2019/2020 Autumn Winter compost heap’s progress…

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I am still emptying out the shallow beds and sieving the soils and worm harvesting which with the constant rains makes it harder work, but for me in order to get a really nice compost material out, it’s all worth it.

The beauty of producing your brown or black gold for your garden is that the end result is ‘literally a perfect example of what you put in, you reap – you reap what you sow – is a great way of describing home cultivated garden compost. You can throw a load of waste products into a heap, not bother turning it, leave it for over a year and YOU WILL still have a garden material you can use on your garden – it’ll not be too nutrient rich, it’ll make a great garden soil mulcher and it will not be finely sieved but a coarse product.  No problem it will still be able to be used in gardening…. but with my shoulder being the way it was and this meant the heap had to be ignored, l know that whilst we ‘had a product’ it was not a class A product.

So for 2019/20 l intend to really work a decent bit of time into my heap and have a really lovely fine product at the end that l can use and l believe it will be a nicely graded product for use with vegetable gardening. Which means if l do a lot of titivating at this stage of the game, l am personally in control for the end stage of the game and the harvest yielded.

Last time this is how the compost heap looked [5th Ocrober] ….

IMG_2145 (2)

…. over the course of the last weekish period l have tipped kitchen waste and garden fruit into it. Also egg cartons to aid the aeration process l talked of last time.

IMG_2189 (2)

Today l added more of the sieved soils and watered them down appropriately – l will continue this process till the first major turn of the 2018/19 heap …

IMG_2191 (2)

Freshly sieved bed soils added to vegetables and garden waste ….

IMG_2194 (2)

…. heap completely watered down

IMG_2195 (2)

Heap covered up again…

IMG_2196 (2)

Meanwhile 2018/2019 heap is shrinking down quite nicely and has reduced by a good 2-3″ even since the 5th October.  The first turn for this existing heap to the new 2019/2020 heap will probably be in November sometime.

In a galaxy not too far away ….

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Whilst female urine can be added to your compost heap it is easier to add male urine because it is slightly less acidic, but urine speeds up the chemical process of the decomposition of your heap. I, despite Suze’s squeamishness of it all .. pee into a bottle as often as l remember and probably fill a dozen of these over the course of the first three months of the turned heaps life – it helps to produce a much richer fertiliser for your vegetables… of course you can pee into a bucket or direct into or onto your heap, that choice is yours …

Don’t Piss Away Valuable Fertilizer – Pee on Your Compost Pile

Anyway l’ll take my leave of you now

Thanks for reading everyone, till the next time …

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    1. Hey Sadje, Scrappy’s enjoying what she can, when she remembers that is what she is doing – in many ways it is sad … but we still have her .. thanks for asking.

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