The Halloween Bash 2019 is coming …..!

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The Halloween Bash 2019 is coming …..!

Are you going to be ready??

Midnight 30th October to Midnight 31st October 2019



Test your spooky knowledge in the bumper quiz!

Spooky Tales

Can you conjure up a messy blood spattered tale or two?

Halloween Charades

Can you guess the 5 horror films?

Splice and Seek!!

Can you find the shrunken heads??


Meanwhile what would you say are the Top Twenty Horror Movies of all time??

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14 thoughts on “The Halloween Bash 2019 is coming …..!

  1. Kung-Fu Panda is a scary movie! Well for me anyway! In all seriousness, I don’t watch horror movies because I jump easily!

    1. KFPanda .. really? Mm, well in truth Ami, l can no longer watch horror movies and at one point l used to adore them… one day in 2015 ‘during the day’ l tried to watch a film called Annabelle or something … well l shit you not! Ten minutes into the film on a bright sunny day l was hiding behind the cushions … l knew then at 52 that 40 odd years of watching horrors was sadly over 🙁

      1. There is a story behind why I class KF Panda as a scary movie…when i went to see it in cinema, there was one scene when he falls through a floorboard and I jumped out of my skin, almost screamed too. I did enjoy The Orphan, that’s the only real scary movie I could watch. My partner just said Annabelle was shit 😂

        1. The Orphan with Vera Farmiga and the little lady as the so called child? I watched that, it wasn’t so much horror as perhaps suspense though.

          I think there comes a point when the mind basically says why watch horror when you have seen worse … but also as we age things tend to creep us out more at times – hard to explain, but l could be knee deep in gorse, blood and bones prior to that and not bat an eyelid ha ha. Some creepy doll hits the screen and l am like WTF!!?

  2. Kristian’s List of Best Horror Movies:

    1. The Shining
    2. Pet Semetary
    3. The Thing
    4. Nosferatu
    5. It (2017 version)
    6. House On Haunted Hill
    7. Creepshow
    8. Night Of The Living Dead
    9. Evil Dead
    10. Child’s Play
    11. Nightmare On Elm street
    12. Hereditary
    13. As Above So Below
    14. Insidious
    15. Mother!
    16. House of 1,000 Corpses
    17. The Cabin
    18. Jeepers Creepers
    19. Psycho
    20. The Blair Witch Project

  3. Nice post Rory 😀.

    1. Mother ( not a mane stream move but very creepy, 70’s or early 80’s )
    2. Children of the corn
    3. It ( aregenal )
    4. Nightmare on elm Street
    5. Brem stoker’s Dracula
    6. Child’s play
    7. Night of the living dead ( aregenal )
    8. The birds
    9. Pet semetary
    10. Nosferatu
    11. The shining
    12. The ametyvill house
    13. Poltergeist ( aregenal )
    14. Pumpkin head
    15. Jeepers creepers
    16. Texas chainsaw massacre
    17. Night breed
    18. Alien ( aregenal )
    19. Eventhorizen
    20. Nova or super Nova ( can’t remember exactly the name )


      1. Thank you Rory 😀, I was having a hard time with the last 3 couldn’t remember the names of more, those are all the ones I could remember.

        BY FOR NOW

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