Dear Blog – 21.35 – 09/10/19

Are you a smiley, smiley colourful person?

I am not, for many reasons – l am not – for starters l am very conscious of the fact that when l smile l look like something from the film “The Hills Have Eyes! [the original] or that l have been toyed with by the bloody murderer of Driller Killer!

Being hit by a train when l was 26  made me the way l am today …. l have to get my jaw broken several times by a dentist willing to take the task on hand … note the words ‘willing”, because not many dentists are volunteering to tackle my shotgunned mouth. Over the years the results of an untreated fractured jaw from 1989 has meant that my mouth has seen better days … but enough .. the totally end result is that l don’t tend to smile a lot and especially if l don’t want to be seen as Igor!

So in my photo’s l just don’t smile a great deal …. you have seen this photo from the other day l am sure …


…. this is a smile!

I am also not a camera happy person, l tend to take photographs of things rather than people or dogs, or trees – although l occasionally capture Suze, she doesn’t like to be photographed either – but at least she has better teeth than me! My teeth aren’t that bad … for a man who might be dead and lying in a coffin …. okay, enough … but l don’t smile. I do wear colour and l have started wearing more colour .. like today l wasn’t wearing lots of colour, l was wearing ‘black’. I was wearing my black Godsmack hoodie and a black tee shirt and blue jeans and my black slip ons, but remarkably colourful socks!

The image above displays me on a purple day … but yesterday l was the Tango Man and Suze wanted to try and get a shot of me smiling in orange …. here are the results … of me trying to find a genuine smile!


“This is The Oops Sorry My Bad, l thought l was going to Sneeze!!”


This is the , “Is this it, l am trying you know!!”


This is the Maybe!


This is the Grimace!


This is The … well, actually l don’t really know what this thing is!!”


This is The This is my better side!”


This is the “I Give Up Look!”

Trying to find the genuine smile proved to be an impossible and elusive task! But hey, it was an orange day, that accounts for something…. right?

How about you, how hard is it for you to find the right smile to wear on your face for the camera?

Rory Matier

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Dear Blog ……

30 thoughts on “Dear Blog – 21.35 – 09/10/19

  1. Haha! Fun post! I actually smile a lot in photos, though not when I’m reading or lost in thought. My face doesn’t just naturally smile unless I’m telling it to. I’m usually in some sort of pain, so maybe that’s why.

    I love color. But I also love black, which goes great with my favorite bright color ~ turquoise!

  2. I’ve always hated smiling due to my teeth. But since having dentures, I actually don’t mind smiling now! With regards to being colourful…debatedeba, very debateable!

    1. Well l am hoping that the new dentist will agree to take the job on board and maybe l can have my smile back — would be a genuine first for twenty plus years – l smile and laugh, but l don’t do so freely in crowds anymore.

  3. The purple and the orange are both fun! And You have a great smile! My favorite color to wear is red. Today, though, I was in black with a pumpkin on my tee to go with my sparkly starry cape…because I was reading Halloween stories to preschoolers 🎃. No photos for me today but lots of giggles. 😄

    1. Sounds like a gigglesome day indeed oh sparkly pumpkin lady 🙂

      I must wear my red, it ‘s one of my favourites, l love bright colours and l decided that when l moved office l would start writing in my colours again 🙂

      1. 😊 very much so.

        Oh, that’s good. You should wear the colors that you love. It makes you more you. Don’t you think. I think I feel just a little different when I wear my favorite red or one of my fun tees. 😊

        1. Oh yes Suzanne, very much so … l wore grunge and my non colours for years at least two when l was depressed, when you wear colour you feel more liberated 🙂

  4. Yeah, my teeth used to be horrible, like meth addict horrible, from lack of funds for dental care and blah blah blah… now I have full dentures. I smile for pictures if I’m asked to.

    I actually usually have a slight smile all the time. I trained my face to do that. I had a bit of RBF and got tired of the questions. My older daughter also has RBF… she rolls with it though

      1. Yes, Resting Bitch Face! Something about my face and my daughter too just looks angry or mean when we’re just…resting, normal, whatever. I taught myself to keep a slight smile so people would quit asking me “what’s wrong?”😂

        1. Ohh got you … RBF mm, never knew it was a thing … but when l researched it l saw that actor from the twilight series – l have always thought ‘she looks so grumpy all the time ” now l know why RBF 🙂

  5. I think the third from last is a nice smile. I try not to smile for the camera as it is too much teeth and cheeks. Otherwise I smile most of the day, except when I am not!

  6. I don’t smile very often when I do it looks menesing or sadistic I normally have RBF and I’m normally not in a good mood and I hat having my pic taken I avoid it like the plage.


      1. Actually I do hide my emotions very well 95% of the time just don’t get to close or I’ll bit your head off. 😁

        BY FOR NOW

      1. Partly but also because I like my anonymity. I’ve had too much hassle from my crackpot ex and his crazy wife to not have any social activity locked up tight

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