It’s truly beautiful here,
………… and the quiet nights can haunt your dreams,
Silence creeps enthusiastically beneath your ear,
… Whilst the dark hides even the moonbeams,
Living the life of a solitary man,
Has its advantages,
Yet for some, these are hard to understand,
And not everything is always that easily managed,
Here in the barren, remote wastelands,
There are times, when even l feel lonely,
… Desperate for the company of another living breathing soul,
But this comes with the territory of such isolated beauty,
And said advantages must somehow take their toll!
… And will l live my life always in such seclusion,
Often l ask this of myself,
… Is this to be the way of this solitary man,
Hiding away from society like an ancient volume upon the shelf?
I can only imagine, that until l know the answers,
… To the questions that l seek,
Then l will continue to live in this beautiful yet silent wilderness,
…Until like the dusty volume, my knowledge is also unique.

© Rory Matier 2010

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27 thoughts on “Wilderness

  1. I could love and hate you for this!! How do I get to this place? I’d like to experience that wilderness and isolation, even that loneliness. It’s not an escape, it’s wanting to live.

    1. Thanks Sadje, l wasn’t lonely, it was a celebration of sorts being alone.

      Many people continually say ‘Oh how l wish l had this!’ Yet the truth of the matter is that not many people can hack that wilderness.

      My Father as an example suffered terribly from loneliness and he would often ask me .. “You must get terribly lonely?” But l didn’t. Sure l was alone, of course l always at that time had two dogs with me and was surrounded by horses, but l simply wasn’t feeling that starved of companionship.

      I love being with Suze, and yes it’s nice to be able to talk to someone, but equally having lived for years by myself, l know l can hack it. But l have an ability to detach. I am not saying that that’s the answer – because whether you get lonely or you can be alone – there is a difference, but also that difference can be damaging.

      I learned that sure whilst l can do and not be worried, that the damage is detrimental to your balance – live for enough years by yourself and your equilibrium is shot. You run the risk as l was viewed as being eccentric, hermit and recluse like. It didn’t bother when l was by myself, but it became very apparent that l was a little bit strange.

        1. OK great Rory 🙂 I’ve got some more songs picked out for the years you mentioned but am leaving for an appt. Will send to you later ok?

  2. Nature… an ocean cliffside, a mountain forest, a canyon walking trail, even the yards and gardens of the neighborhood bring so much peace and at the same time, recharge the batteries.
    I need to be alone with nature much more than I need to be with people. It IS nice to be able to reach out and share a shiny new thought or ask for a hug when I need one though.

    I know that you know that I know… the t-shirt thing😉💌

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