It’s About Time! – Bite Size Wise Slices!



It’s About Time! – Bite Size Wise Slices!

Part 3

By three methods we may learn wisdom: First, by reflection, which is noblest; Second, by imitation, which is easiest; and third by experience, which is the bitterest.


Mentioned in this post are the following amazing bloggers who l also call friends and their blogs …

Beckie of Beckie’s Mental Mess , Angie of King Ben’s Grandma , Renard Moreau and Ursula of An Upturned Soul

In  Dear Blog – 11.25 – 25/08/19 l wrote “l still would love for someone to write the perfect How To Balance Your Reading Post with regards blogging!” 

Renard over at Renard’s World runs, manages and maintains an awesome blog. I have been following Renard for maybe a year and the guy is a font of marvelous information concerning blogging. Of course there are many what l call ‘Blog Guru’s out there in the blogosphere – and l have on occasion read from them … but it is Renard’s blog that l prefer and do you know why?

True knowledge exists in knowing that you know nothing.


No Rory WHY??


I am glad you asked  … because of his Bite Size Wise Slices! That’s why. Because of the way Renard chooses to write and display his particular style of wisdom. It’s manageable and this is NOT saying others don’t write in a similiar way – they do – but there is something about Renard that clicks with his reader…. clicks with me.

Maybe it is even simpler than that …maybe it is because at the time of the comment by Ursula of An Upturned Soul on my Dear Blog – 11.25 – 25/08/19 episode, l was already in the throes of some very serious changes to my blogging journey, that –  like her comment falling at the exact right time on that day, known or unknown at the time … Renard’s words, his slices of wise were already resonating with pieces of my brain concerning the topic at hand.

Little pearls of wisdom can be spotted each and every day by those looking for them … l say this honestly. Many a time many people say ‘l never saw that opportunity, why didn’t you tell me??’ or ‘I never saw that gap, why didn’t you point it out to me??’ or even ‘ “I didn’t see that at all….” People say these things because their expectation many a time is for someone else to point shit out to them! Not them specifically looking for opportunities to begin with. If you want to progress forwards many a time you are on your own .. this is NOT saying that advice isn’t out there, but mostly it is down to your split decisioning to recognise as well as identify the good stuff!

We are what our thoughts have made us; so take care about what you think. Words are secondary. Thoughts live; they travel far.

Swami Vivekananda

We all miss stuff and we do so because most of the time we are not looking or we are not open to seeing it.

Back in August l was on my second phase of looking for direction on ‘how to’ … here’s a little secret that l can guarantee NO ONE KNOWS except me… that is .. this question … “l still would love for someone to write the perfect How To Balance Your Reading Post with regards blogging!”  I was hoping that Renard would see this and produce a masterpiece that would solve everyone’s riddle of how do we do this??

To my knowledge Renard has NOT written such a post because l think it could be worth a lot of money! However, what Renard has done is way better than one single post – he produces a post once a week there abouts on How To Blog More Effectively and if you are indeed a committed reader you will be swooping down on these posts and learning the good ol’ ‘wax on, wax off’ policy anyway and if you are not, then it might well be worth a visit if you are interested in Renard’s Goodies’ sounds wrong and yet so right!

Renard was in my mind that week and for a few weeks previous because l had been in the process of changing the direction of my blog journey and had in fact been reading posts of Renard’s and had experienced a series of light bulb epiphanies constantly that week … l was already starting to action things and l would have been much further ahead but sadly life got on board as life has a tendency to do and Suze was very ill at that point and my positivity levels took a serious pounding!

Right so on the 25th August when l wrote that episode of Dear Blog with Renard’s ideas fueling and energising me along, l then received Ursula’s comment about balance! Well , you had to be inside my head at the time of the explosion – because l cannot explain how everything made me feel at that time on top of all cylinder’s firing at the same time ……….. no it wasn’t all good, it was almost meltdown stuff , l was overwhelmed all at once with regards balance, being tired and very demotivated …. BUT NOT – l was and l wasn’t … it fired me up sufficiently to keep my positivity levels just above the lowest point and l was able to reboot from there.

Unwittingly both Ursula and Renard had helped me recognise the direction l wanted to take my blog into … and l was also unwittingly properly aware of that – until this came out last week … Mindfulness Monday ☮️ Make a Change  which was spurred on by the result of reading this by Renard Stop Biting Off More Than You Can Chew  which shows just how remarkably small our blogosphere is at times …. maybe the reader has to be inside my head right now to see the beauty of this impact, who knows.


The blog posts that l had in my head at the time of my Dear Blog episode were …

Comments Versus No Comments

How To Write A Blog Post Under Any Circumstance

…. which are great posts and well worth a read if you haven’t read them, but equally if you have and you just want a catch up.

Sometimes it isn’t the content that is written and thus presented to a reader which answers your questions, but the implication behind the writing that makes more impact and sometimes it isn’t that at all either …. but just simply that some things make more sense at certain times than they might have made before.

It’s not what you look at that matters, it’s what you see.

Henry David Thoreau

If you are looking for answers – the secret to finding those answers – is to actually SEE them when you have found them – because the answers believe it or not are always there right in front of you – we always hold the answers to our own riddles … it’s just that many a time we aren’t looking, we are ‘expecting’ others to direct us!

In the final episode to this series … l will bore you silly with the combined results of what my learnings from Ursula, Beckie and Renard have actually taught me or rather how l have managed to work the results into my blogging journey to work for me … properly – to award me piece of mind and finally … direction.

I would be surprised if you are NOT aware of Renard and Renard’s World but if as of yet you are not then pop over and have a read .. Renard is a wonderful writer and a charming teacher at the same time, you’ll find some marvelous little gems to make you stop, like this – his most recent – How To Be A Wise Blogger.

Renard Moreau

Final Part 4 Soon

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Post written to this awesomeness!

13 thoughts on “It’s About Time! – Bite Size Wise Slices!

  1. Hey, Rory 🙂

    This bit – “Back in August l was on my second phase of looking for direction on ‘how to’ … here’s a little secret that l can guarantee NO ONE KNOWS except me… that is .. this question … “l still would love for someone to write the perfect How To Balance Your Reading Post with regards blogging!” I was hoping that Renard would see this and produce a masterpiece that would solve everyone’s riddle of how do we do this??”

    Was actually a not so secret little secret. I kind of figured that’s what you were doing because your blogger’s crush on Renard is rather obvious. And I grew up with someone who did the whole subtle hint thing. It’s a very British thing – it’s something which usually only other British people pick up on. With anyone who isn’t British, you have to be direct and just tell them what you’d like them to do.

    That’s why I said in my comment on the Dear Blog post that “I could offer up some advice” but then I didn’t because I knew you didn’t want anyone else to weigh in on the whole balance issue, you wanted the answer from the person you were subtle hinting to and only their answer was what you wanted and would listen to, accept.

    Glad you’ve found your answer within yourself… those are usually the best answers to our questions.

    1. Hey Ursula,

      I know l can be horribly literal at times and this is probably one of those moments … Blogger’s Crush – no, Blogger’s Compliment yes – the same way l compliment you, your writing style and your blog – ‘crush’ sounds so teen idol and l have no heroes, but l do admire those who have USP [unique selling points] – so l am guessing you mean that 🙂

      I am very big on complimenting people and recognising what they do and l do try to do that as much as l can, so l guess some may interpret that as me ‘having a crush’ when it’s not that way at all. It’s funny, we live in a world where seemingly complimenting and crediting people for good services is seemingly not recognised as it used to be.

      Well done for seeing the ‘metaphorical’ aimed at a Blog Guru to pick up, it could have been anyone it could have been Renard – the fact is no one was going to pick it up – because no one can answer the question of how each individual person reflectively can balance their own style, it comes from within us all.

      Had Renard picked it up, bonus – but Renard wasn’t going to ha ha, l knew it had to be from within, it had to be from me.

      1. I thought you weren’t going to get your knickers in a twist anymore 😉

        A “blogger’s crush” is what you described in this particular post about the way you love to read what Renard writes. His writing inspires you and your own writing. Makes you feel good. Gives you energy. You find insights, epiphanies, information which you consider valuable gems, and lots more in his posts. You reblog his posts, mention him in your posts, link back to his posts a lot – that’s all part of a blogger’s crush.

        It’s fun to have a blogger’s crush, it’s a natural and normal part of blogging.

        But I get it, you have bad associations with the word “crush”, you don’t like the word because of how you interpret it and what that means to you personally.

        “Unique Selling Points” sounds to me like the word “crush” sounds to you. It reduces people to things, products, to be used to make a profit.

        Which reminds me, I saw a comment-chat on your previous post in this series – are you planning on turning this blog into a commercial one rather than a personal one?

        1. Hey Ursula,

          I think some words yes, l have bad associations with for sure and that will probably stem from my upbringing. My Father was very big on heroes and crushes and l am more on admiring and complimenting – so my adversity towards those two terms [no l know you didn’t introduce heroes and that was me], but ‘crush’ has never sat well with me. So for sure my hang-up 😊

          Business talk – mm, yes l am guilty because l don’t separate the two, for years l have made a career out of working and living my life as one and not separated – so with me people get a mixture of both personal and professional all the time. Unique selling points – is the same as personal attributes, styles and behaviours perhaps? I am not sure if that is purely an Aspergian trait that there is no defined split between personal and professional, l have met those on the spectrum with this same vice equally as much as those off the spectrum with the vice, so probably not.
          But l think everyone has a different terminology for different words … ‘crush’ with your detail is very positive and nice and my experiences with ‘crush’ are sadly very negative.

    2. I too have a blogger’s crush on Renard. I’m always impressed by men who come across as if they are genius…but have a lovely modesty about them.!

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