Birthday Celebration Anyone?

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Do You Celebrate Your Birthday?

To me, it’s just another day … my Birthday is May 1963 and this year l turned 56 – l received a birthday card from Suze, Scrappy, my mother, Suze’s real brother and his wife – So 4 cardsΒ  and in my eyes that is a lot of cards!! I am NOT big on the whole birthday celebration thing – it all seems so farsical you know?

l was born in 1963 and l was 0? 1964 and l was supposedly 1.

Okay, well what about the 9 months in the womb does that not amount to anything? Does that NOT mean that when l was born in 1963 l was already 9 months of age?

Now this isn’t a debate on the rights and wrongs of birth versus abortion because l have very different opinions on that as well as contraception and none of them fall in line with my 9 month theory. I was born therefore my philosophy is bollocks to your l am only zero old, as far as l am concerned l am already 57! But maybe this is an alternative debate for Magazine On A Bench when it is released later this year as a series.

But that’s not the question … Today Suze is 58Β  – she is 18 months my senior and is feeling old apparently – doesn’t look forwards to getting older and doesn’t like to discuss her age … another question grouping somewhere in the future l feel. Me, l am not bothered … maybe as previously discussed it’s easier for men? But l have never been bothered about age, ageing, getting older and so on – so what? We are born, we live and we die …it’s our job to make life as much of the adventure as we can – because basically shit happens, weΒ  live and we die!

BUT, l have digressed … l know right … so unusual!

So, Suze from around 6.30am her phone started ringing – her family starting calling to wish her a happy birthday – grandkids the same, nephews the same – even now she has her brother and his wife here chatting and being celebratory social, later on today [lunchtime] are are out for lunch with her cousin and her partner for her birthday treat.

It’s all very family orientated … Suze is big on family, big on celebrations like this – not like her brother who has a birthday party each year – which seems excessive but it is a FANTASTIC way to celebrate your lifeΒ  – that is what the birthday is all about isn’t it? A Celebration of life.

I do celebrate Suze’s birthday with her and that’s great, l like to celebrate hers but l am so not bothered by other birthdays whatsoever …

But that’s me and Suze and the differences we share in regards to the ‘Birthday’ what about you? Are you big on birthdays? Is it JUST another day? Is your or are your family big on the celebration day itself?

Let me know below.

Thanks Rory

45 thoughts on “Birthday Celebration Anyone?

  1. Next year (2020) I’ll hit a BIG birthday…a significant number. I’m trying my best not to dwell on that because honestly I never considered that I’d be that OLD. (it’s not ‘old’ according to many, but to me? Yep. Fartin’ dust and rollin’ downhill). In my head (and personally) I’ll always feel 19 or 20 years old. Which can be a bit of a problem, because most 19-20 year olds aren’t that mature in outlook nor wisdom. That problem has plagued me all my life sadly enough. So are we our chronologic age or are we how old we FEEL inside? I’m going to re blog this because I find it so interesting. Good job (as usual) Rory!! πŸ˜€

    1. I thought you were 60 next year? Am l wrong? If l am oops, but if l am right, 60 isn’t that old – l guess it might be to some though, l thought you were 60, maybe l misread one of your answers from before – but hey 70 is also a fantastic age and 80 is even etter πŸ™‚

  2. For me birthdays are just another day, although I guess I was more keen on them when I was a kid. None of my family is particularly birthday-oriented.

    1. Mm, even as a child admittedly l wasn’t that impressed ha ha – my sister mm, another entity all of her own – she would have a party every day πŸ™‚

  3. My birthdays can be annoying to me. I dont want to hear any β€œHappy Birthdays!”. Im not grumpy or anything of the sort. I love life. I just am not hip on my birthday or holiday preparations for that matter. Well, now that my kids are grown, and mostly moved away, any excuse to get together with them is welcome. Although circumstances change my preferences. So, as the sun rotates, my feelings about life events circle around. Ask me tomorrow and who really knows what the hell I will be feeling like?

    A party? πŸ₯³β€οΈ Happy Birthday to your Suze… πŸŽ‚πŸŽˆπŸŽ.

    1. Hey Jeanne, similiar to me .. l don’t mind hearing a solitary birthday greeting, but if l don’t it matters not.

      For many years l lived as a bachelor with no one really celebrating my DOB. Yes my parents sent me a card … but it’s always ‘bleh’ ok.

      I do try and celebrate other’s birthdays but it’s all somwhat confusing to me, especially with the 9 months thing.

      Thank you for Suze’s birthday greetings.

  4. I actually love celebrating others’ birthdays and making a big deal on them. But, as I have gotten older, birthdays have not been celebrated as much. (Maybe my mental space not able to find the joy for a while is the reason)
    I used to be the one to make a big deal over those I love for their birthday. I guess it could be that mine was not made a big deal of, so I started losing interest because of this? I really hope not, because I absolutely love seeing the joy on those I am celebrating. It brings me so much happiness to see them happy.
    And I definitely do not feel my age, I feel about 20 years younger at least! πŸ˜‰
    Love this post Rory!!

    1. Hey Belle πŸ™‚

      Well l think the big take away from this comment is that you feel young – that’s the best bit of the answer for me as that is truly fabulous πŸ™‚

  5. I was born in November 1961! I will be 58 next month. I like being the age I am. And I like celebrating my birthday with friends ( separately) and family. I love getting gifts and giving them to my family and friends. It is a celebration of life! By chance today is my son’s 32nd birthday! A coincidence.

      1. He and my husband both are Libras. Balance… well I guess in some aspects of life. But there are marked traits that I see! They are always putting off things that need to be done. They will never agree with you at first and it takes a lot of convincing. They can never find something which is sitting right under their noses! Just a few things…….😜

        1. I know it is crazy to think that there are just 12 types of personalities as per Zodiac signs, but there are usually lots of similarities between people born under a star sign.

  6. You should Google – What age am I in Korea – and then read the up on it. All of us “westerners” are at least one year older in Korea.

    One of the first things they’ll ask about you in Korea is your age – it’s not done to be rude, on the contrary, it’s done to know your social status and how polite to be to you. The older you are the more respect you’ll get… at least superficially.

    1. Ha ha – Hey Ursula, brilliant in Korea l am the age l believe myself to be – 57 πŸ™‚

      I just visted a site which explained to me that my age is pronounced as such πŸ™‚

      swin-il-gop sal

      I feel better now, thank you Ursula … l’ll not show this to Madam Suze however who already feels 58 is too old and when l joke well the big 60 is just around the corner …. mm, ha ha colourful Western responses l receive πŸ™‚

  7. Happy Birthday to your lovely Suze! I’m glad to read that she’s feeling well and celebrating with family.

    Birthdays are no big deal. I like to acknowledge my birthday but dont expect anything other than SOP. I’ll not turn down a coffee or a meal (take out, if I’m not feeling up to people-ing) but dont expect gifts or cards.

    I was born in 1968 so I’m 51, although I’ve decided to only age by 5s because I can never remember my actual age. My soul/spirit is very old, my attitude/outlook is 30ish, my body is temporary. I’ve earned every grey hair and wrinkle. They’re mostly smile lines so that means I’m doing it right.

    1. Aaah interesting you should say what you have said – that certainly explains a lot – mm, even my gift saw some of that – age wise interesting πŸ™‚

    2. I don’t like to be the center of attention, but I am always touched when people remember and acknowledge me for my birthday. I do get very hurt when the people who are supposed to remember my birthday don’t, but other than that, I don’t usually like making a big deal out of it.

  8. I tend to have a quiet birthday, my family like to celebrate it, so we will go out for a meal and my partner and son will make me breakfast in bed, but since I have been claiming I am 21 for the last few years, then it does get samey.

    Although in a few years I am celebrating a sort of big one, so I may change my mind then

        1. He is 7, so its the difficult age. He still thinks I can pull pennies out of his ear, but also his belief in Santa is starting to falter. By the time I turn 40, he will probably not believe I am still 21

  9. Happy birthday to Suze! Wish her all the best!
    Some years back I used to say to all my friends that my birthday is coming at least 1 month in advance :)…just in case they have forgotten :)…nowadays, maybe because I’m very far away, I feel is just another day…I like to celebrate it with my husband, have a good dinner and that’s pretty much it πŸ™‚

  10. Happy birthday πŸŽ‚ to Suze Rory. πŸ˜€

    They don’t count the 9 months because as the word says it’s your ” birth-day ” the day you were born into this world.

    For so long my birthday was just a miserable day for me I didn’t want to hear a thing about it and did nothing other than drink heavier that night, I’m still not that into selebrating my birthday but it bumes me out if I can even go out to dinner for my birthday as I don’t ever do anything special any other time of the year, but I don’t mind other people’s birthdays.


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