Who Awake Are You Really?

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Who Awake Are You Really?

So do l actually mean Who or How Awake are you Really? I mean, is it just a small misprint? A typo, is the ‘o’ just in the wrong place, or is it meant to be where it is?

It might be or it mightn’t be l guess …it might be down to how tired and alert you are, what do you think?

How Awake Are You Really – reads better than Who Awake Are You Really, right? Do you think? BUT, the reality is l am asking you ‘Who Awake Are You Really?

Which part of the day are you totally alert?

This is reflective upon the quality of sleep you get  and the time you retire for the night and get up the next day – also whether you take downtime during the day or even a sly forty winks, catnap and so on… would and could make a difference to your output on the day.

I have found that whilst l try to retire to bed around midnight – l really struggle with this and end up most nights retiring around the 1am – 2am mark and awakening between 6.45am – 7.15am. I am hyper alert between the hours of 10am to 5pm and again between 9pm – 1am and feel sleepy between those hours unless l am in bed asleep.

Suze retires to bed at around 10.30pm [ideally] and awakens at around 5.30am and is most alert between the hours of 8.30am – 3.00pm. She is feeling tired again by 7pm, and l go through a tiredness spell between 6pm – 8pm.

We know of night owls and early birds …. studies are further suggesting there are other types now for afternoon people and nappers!

Night Owls and Morning Larks, Make Room for ‘Afternoon People’ and ‘Nappers’

Of all the chronotypes, afternoon people wake up the sleepiest and then they become alert around 11 a.m., staying that way until about 5 p.m., after which they get tired again. The “nappers” (so-called because they’re prone to taking naps) wake up alert and stay alert until about 11 a.m., after which they get really tired until about 3 p.m. After 3 p.m. until about 10 p.m., they are alert and productive again …. as was first reported by Psychology Today.

So, back to my original question …

Who Awake Are You Really?

What time do you retire for the night? What time do you awaken and what times are you most alert during the day?

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20 thoughts on “Who Awake Are You Really?

  1. It all depends. Some days I sleep early, around 10:30-11:00. Then I am good in the morning after my coffee. I used to nap in the afternoon but now if I do, I find going to sleep at night, difficult. But some days I cannot go to sleep early and then the whole schedule is Topsy turvy.

      1. That’s true. I have cut down on my coffee consumption. No caffeine after 1:00 pm. That helps. And walking helps too.

        1. That’s great news … strangely enough l have tackled my insomnia issues too … but by reducing one of my stimulations down which was afternoon television … you may recall l when in the larger office had a third screen which was a television screen, now l just have a third computer screen and l only watch max 90 minutes of TV a day now, mostly 60 minutes 🙂

  2. I’m at my most alert between 1pm and 8pm. It’s all downhill from there. My sleep patterns are erratic at the moment. I’m usually asleep before 12 midnight and up by 6am or before, but I sometimes work 3 different shifts in the same week. 7am-3pm… 3pm-10pm and 10pm to 9am

  3. I’m a morning person, and my current sleep schedule is rather bizarre. Most days I sleep from about 6pm to 2am. I’m fully aware that I’m weird, and I’m fine with that. 😉

    1. I don’t think that’s wierd at all – before Suze that was my main time of being awake and asleep well it was 8pm – 2am and that was great for me 🙂

  4. People sleep? For hours at a time? All in one block? FAKE NEWS!!😂

    As you know, I’m a chronic insomniac and without medical help might go days without sleeping. I also have Ben with his own sleep issues.

    On a day when the planets align my ideal sleep pattern is

    Go to sleep around midnight…sleep until 3am…awake for 30-60 minutes then back to sleep…wake up between 5:30-6:30.

    Alert until around 2:30-3pm then drowsy. Rarely I’ll nap (usually not permitted by family) for 45-60 minutes, but usually I slog thr6the drowsy which lasts until 5-6pm. Then I’m awake until I take my meds and go to sleep around midnight.

    My morning alert period is good for physical things like errands or cleaning.
    My evening alert is more mental which is probably why I’m an insomniac.

    Since the planets rarely align in my favor, I get 2 maybe 3 hours when it’s dark, nap 1-2 hours while Ben’s at school (weekends I get 20 minute dozes that are involuntary) then another hour when he’s in bed then the meds and rinse, repeat. I’ve tried taking the meds earlier but I still dont fall asleep until midnight or so.

  5. I attempt to go to bed by 11pm but my alarm goes off at 4am. I am a horrible sleeper. I struggle between 3pm and 7pm but catch a second wind after that. I dont dare consume coffee or pop with caffeine. Very interesting question. It has been fantastic to read the responses.

  6. As I’m a cronick insomniac my sleep and wake times are all over the place but when I’m awake I’m alert tell I fall asleep.


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