Well Howdy Doody Folks!!

Welcome to Season 6 – Beautiful Nature

Well Howdy Doody Folks!!

Have a fantastic Day!

It’s Sunday!!

Here’s wishing you all a totally fantastic day!

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Earth and sky, woods and fields, lakes and rivers, the mountain and the sea, are excellent schoolmasters, and teach some of us more than we can ever learn from books.

John Lubbock



Well there we go … 1999 … were you a big fan of the years between 1990 – 1999? I wasn’t that big, l considered the music that followed the 80’s to be very boring and drab, sure there were some sparkles to be had – but most of the music just didn’t do a lot for me. How about you?

What’s going to put the bounce in your day?

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29 thoughts on “Well Howdy Doody Folks!!

  1. Good morning Rory 😀, hope you have a hiped, hoped, bopety Sunday my friend. 😁

    No not really a fan at all I was finding my tastes leaning more towards classical music and vilen conchartos softer music that sothed my mind and soul.


    1. Hey Good morning to you too Dawn – thank you – yeah the 90’s for me in the commercial scene simply was a waste of space — l was most involved with niche music like the rave and trance scene which made for much better listening 🙂

      1. Your welcome my friend 😀.
        The rave scene around here was just about getting F’ed up not my kind of scene.

        BY FOR NOW

        1. Where are you on the map from Kent West or North? I know this storm is just starting to hit Devon, so l am guessing you are higher than that but not Scotland – so North, be grateful my friend it’s not yet doing what we have here in kent ha ha – wet?? Drowning more like 🙂

              1. Crikey, that must be around 2005 now, l stayed in a hotel on the way up North, overnight. Arrived during a Saturday and took in a few attractions – The Chrurch and Hardwick Hall from memory l think.

  2. Good Morning-Afternoon!
    I hope your Sunday is balanced and joyful!
    After all the color and experimentation of the 80s, the 90s were kind of meh. I wasnt paying too much attention though. I was busy doing the working mom and wife thing.

    1. Hey Grandma, totally right – as l said to Dawn – commercial music was a washout, which is why l am thankful for the trance, house and rave scenes back then 🙂

  3. Morning Rory 😊 I’m just trying to wake up. That’s s wonderful quote by Lubbock. I wonder if Lubbock Texas is named for him?? I’ll look into it. I’m with you on the 80’s music 🎶. I loved it and still do, great song in that decade. I enjoyed your 90’s music this week though as I missed a lot of music back then. With two little ones I was mostly listening to Sesame Street and Disney tunes. ☺️. A happy Sunday to you and your girls 😊

    1. Hey Suzanne, many thanks for your Sunday well wishes and greetings and backatcha 🙂

      Yes, l have heard this quite a bit from a lot of people now, that in the 90’s more were listening to the likes of sesame Street and Disney … then what was on the dance floor at the time 🙂

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