It’s About Time! – The Continued Rise of the Data Tsnumai



It’s About Time! – The Continued Rise of the Data Tsnumai

Part 2

We live in a society bloated with data yet starved for wisdom. We’re connected 24/7, yet anxiety, fear, depression and loneliness is at an all-time high. We must course-correct.

Elizabeth Kapu’uwailani Lindsey


Mentioned in this post are the following amazing bloggers who l also call friends and their blogs …

Beckie of Beckie’s Mental Mess , Angie of King Ben’s Grandma , Renard Moreau and Ursula of An Upturned Soul

In  Dear Blog – 11.25 – 25/08/19 l wrote “l still would love for someone to write the perfect How To Balance Your Reading Post with regards blogging!” 


…………. it’s all about Balance!

…………… it’s all about Time!

……………Everything is about Time and Balance!

And it’s all about People!


Have you noticed that about blogging? I am sure you have it’s not hard to miss right?

It’s about Time., Balance and People but equally it’s about managing time, achieving balance and interacting with community … your tribe, your readership, audience and of course your friends. So in addition to everything already listed we also can add in friendship. It doesn’t seem like a lot really does it? I mean it’s just words in essence right? Blogging principally is about words – so now we have ….


…………. it’s all about balance!

……. It’s about Achieving Balance!

…It’s about Words

…………… it’s all about Time!

…….It’s about Managing Time

……………Everything is about Time and Balance!

…. It’s about Balance

And it’s all about people!

… It’s about Community

… It’s about friendship


Right, so in the space of a couple of minutes we have already gone from something simple to something less simple, haven’t we? In addition to those, what else is blogging about? It’s about interaction, engagement, connection, creativity,  marketing, expanding, increasing, improving, branding, promotion, imagination, identification, understanding, researching, conversation, writing, designing, scheduling, post dating, publishing, keeping up to speed, genre identification, passion, love, dedication, desire, concentration, focus, hyperfocus, society, identity, wanting to belong, direction, angle and many more . … wow, hang on a minute, let’s have another look at our structure now ….


…It’s all about balance!

…It’s about Achieving Balance!

…It’s about Words

…It’s about Creativity, Imagination, Writing, Publishing, Designing, Marketing, Branding, Promotion, Building, Researching, Expanding, Increasing, Improving,  Genre Identification,

…It’s all about Time!

…It’s about Managing Time

…It’s about Scheduling, Post Dating, Planning, Researching, Keeping up to Speed,

…Everything is about Time and Balance!

…It’s about Balance

…It’s about Love, Passion, Understanding, Focus, Concentration, Hyperfocus, Dedication, Desire, Identification, Self-Identification, Discovery, Exploration, Searching, Questing, Identity, Learning, Wanting to Belong, Direction, Angle,

And it’s all about people!

…It’s about Community

…It’s about friendship

…It’s about Connection, Interaction, Engagement, Understanding, Conversation, Getting Involved, Helping Others,  Becoming absorbed,


…It’s also about you!

Ah, right, wow – now it’s quite a beast isn’t it – the Blog we started for ourselves and hoping that others might like to interact and become involved with our life through our eyes and fingers is now – quite large. Keep that in mind , whilst l briefly discuss another point. Don’t worry if l don’t specifically return to this point, l’m sure you’ll cope!

Have you noticed how we are completely overwhelmed by the sheer volume of data we see everyday? There is just a rising tide of data – it’s like a continued rising tsnumai – we can’t do much about it – we are just completely and utterly overwhelmed by it all everyday, every minute and every hour of every day, it’s just data, data, information, words, and soon, if our filters, time management and balance controls slip out of sync, we lose our way, we lose our direction and start having to cling onto anything for support otherwise we will drown under the sheer weight of it all … there is ONLY so much treading of water you can do before you slip beneath the surface…. seen that happen to bloggers before right? Becoming overwhelmed by the sheer weight of words, information and people, lost balances, time murdered …

In order to manage this more effectively we start to look at ways in which to reduce the sheer volume of data we are receiving every day, so we once more try to declutter, reorganise and simplify our lives to secure balance once more … it can be hard and extremely overwhelming…. and a real battle to NOT lose our way and our grip, and our sanity, sanctuary, passion, desire and original love for wordery and wordsmanship … are you keeping up with me?? I hope so, because the speed of our world today is way more faster than me!!!

Everything is just so overwhelming isn’t it???


Trust me when l say the above is the ONE thing you don’t want in your life!!

And yet it can happen very easily without you even knowing it IS or you are THERE!!

Crashed and burned in a heap surround by dead words!


Mindfulness Monday ☮️ Make a Change – was published by Beckie last week and it was her post here, that sparked this series of sorts. I had been wanting to pen a mini series like this, but was struggling with Time and Balance and being overwhelmed by real life issues which prevented me from doing so, but also because of the comment from Ursula which l made reference to in Part 1 – It’s About Time! – No More Twisted Knickers – —— and is an excellent heartfelt post written by her regarding Time and Balance which many of us can relate to in one format or another because it is about the “Blogging Structure”  l have displayed here. I will go into it shortly.

Sometimes we experience epiphany’s  and for Beckie it was a post she read that was created and published by Renard and that was this  Stop Biting Off More Than You Can Chew   whilst mine ‘of sorts’ as l was already in the throes of trying to do something about it was the comment that Ursula left on  Dear Blog – 11.25 – 25/08/19 which came at the exact time l needed to see it, although it took me a little while to see that. I will discuss Renard’s wonderful post and his superb blog in the next episode but this is the beauty of The Learning Curve with blogging as well – we are surrounded by remarkably marvelous people who knowingly and unknowingly at times raise pearls of wisdom.

Beckie discusses a lack of self care in her post – now don’t misunderstand this … Beckie looks after her self very well, her lack is something many of us forget about, because we take ourselves for granted and we also forget to keep a watchful eye on our mental health …. and set our expectations of our abilities to much higher standards than we might expect from someone else. I am not saying everyone does this, as many do not … but equally many of us do …. we are so hyperfocused on trying to deliver ourselves to a readership and keep our brains at bay that we simply become too involved and we forget why we started in the first place. We are astonishingly eager at times to go into direct competition with ourselves and continually try and prove to ourselves that we can do better …. in the process we forget our original goal.

I am not afraid to put my own hands up and say “YES! Guilty as Fuck your Honour!”

Time and balance, time and balance, time and balance … doesn’t matter how many times l write it or say it to myself … it comes back to TIME and Balance of TIME! Beckie asked in her post ….

How many of you spend more than 8-10 hours a day online blogging?  

Mm, yes not all blogging Beckie, but yes l am online a lot and a lot of my time is spent in this blog but for good reason … but l can afford to change …oh ok!!

“YES! Guilty as Fuck your Honour!”

Now, you need to read Beckie’s blog post for yourself – pointless me copying and pasting it all here …. but she talks of reducing schedules, being a blogoholic,  knowing her, limitations, practicing self moderation and addiction to blogging which was taking her away from living her life.

Beckie also brought up the subject of feeling guilty about not being able to read everyone’s work, l can relate to that also – there is NO WAY on the planet that l can read every single follower’s work. However, l was until recently struggling just to get to my regulars on a weekly basis and a good friend of mine suggested an alternative which has been implemented and starts tomorrow. So thank you for that Angie of King Ben’s Grandma.

Beckie finishes her post off with the committment to starting up a new blogging schedule and not spending all her time in blog -and keeping a check on the quality of her mental health … but you know what?

Basically we come back to time and balance, it’s always time and balance, and people.

In the next episode l will discuss Renard’s wonderful post which served Beckie so well with her epiphany. Meanwhile, I would be surprised if you were not yet aware of Beckie and Beckie’s Mental Mess as a blog – however if that is the case, then l do strongly suggest that her blog is deeply worthy of some of your time today. You’ll not be disappointed.

Beckie of Beckie’s Mental Mess

More in Part 3

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Post written to this awesomeness!

8 thoughts on “It’s About Time! – The Continued Rise of the Data Tsnumai

  1. Indeed it is about finding your balance and not the whole business of blogging, or life overwhelm you to the point where one is running after the goals that need to be achieved.

  2. I love blogging, but it doesn’t overwhelm me in this way. My paying jobs always come first. Then there’s fun “real life” stuff and also chores and sleep. I recently binge-watched Breaking Bad again, so my blogging has been a little lighter. I guess because I’ve realized that blogging doesn’t lead to book sales at all it’s become much less exciting for me, though still fun.

    1. Mm, do you find that ‘blogging doesn’t lead to increased book sales? Are there figures on that? I ask for a genuinely good reason and in a purely commercial way and not so much a non commercial way.

      The generation of sales is a long game plan in blogging though isn’t it – l mean again l am asking genuinely because your Blog is not a commercial blog per se, but a personal blog [and l am not talking plan here] which is similiar to mine – in so far as l am a commercial blog l paid to go commercial not for the shop front but purely for the space and my future plans for this blog.

      Also unlike many others beliefs l am 100% convinced that professional and personal can be in one space and there is no need for two blogs as an example because of the huge volume of controls marketing wise we have at our disposal.

      I noticed that when l did/do more merchandise related blog posts – sales increased without – actually pushing them directly – your answer really has sparked a lot of interest for me, because l know we have discussed this very thing privately as well – mm, another mini series on the horizon l feel .. excellent comment Paula, Making me really think. 🙂 Thank you

      1. What I mean is that I randomly get a sale or two via the blog, which I’m thankful for, of course. Sometimes it’s from when I discuss my books; other times people simply click on my link. A few times when other lovely bloggers have reviewed a book of mine, that has generated one more sale. But we are talking tiny numbers here. My books have never taken off. I didn’t expect them to ever sell hugely, but sales are generally dead. I consider 1-2 per month dead.

        I have done other promotional things. I’ve done twitter promos, freebies, made a blog/twitter just for my romance “brand” (waste of time), etc. Back when I had Facebook, I did promo there, which would generate an extra sale or two. My first book did well via Facebook, but that was all. I guess people wanted to support that first effort and then were all meh. But now I am out of FB regardless.

        In any case, I have two real jobs that bring in money and don’t have the emotional tolerance for spending my free time doing pointless, frustrating marketing in hopes of generating a couple bucks in book sales. It’s just not meant to be for me. A friend recently talked me into trying audiobooks and that was a COLOSSAL waste of time. I’ll be getting $6.92 in royalties for a shit ton of hours spent on doing them.

        So, now I’m back to doing the little bits of flash fiction etc on my blog just for fun. I want to finish the books I’ve planned out and put them on my Kindle shelf, but that’s just an OCD thing.

        1. Hey 🙂

          Thank you for elaborating on that – that means a lot and was hugely informative on another angle – marvelous Paula. 🙂

          Obviously lowered sales are NOT marvelous nor is wasted time and or monies – but the information is quality … that’s what the marvelous is for 🙂

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