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The Unhidden Message……..

“What so many different people forget is that we are all different for sure, but some of us are more different than the other differents, in so far as we react differently to the differences being made by those different in the first place.. But just because we are all different to begin with who defines the reality of the real difference in a world of differing differences?

Whilst to some this may be seen and read as a dreadful comical tongue twister – it’s not,  it might just be a difference of different opinion seen and interpreted differently. Only today l realised that whilst we are all different, there is a defining line between difference as much as there is between differing differents and that comes down to reflection.

Simply put – yes we are all different, but some of us are very different and genuinely different for different reasons and not just because we are all striving to be seen as different and l think that is forgotten in this wide world of differences.

There is a message here and it is as clear as the yellow jacket in the image above and only a certain percentage of different difference will spot it and truly understand the depth of the unhidden message  – then know what difference l am actually refering to.”

Rory Matier


Being different is critical.

Ana Patricia Botin

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16 thoughts on “Random Quotes 434#

  1. Well clearly I am very confused because I don’t get the meaning after the first few different and differences.

  2. Excellent post Rory 😀, I wish people would get over them selves and qwit trying to tell others how they are suppose to live according to their own beliefs, different is different let it go already. 😒


  3. Makes sense to me. There’s a difference in the ways we’re different. While everyone is different and many strive for difference in this world, there’s sort of a trying behind it. Yet for some the difference is inherent in who they are and the way they see and hear and experience the differences in the world. and

    1. Hey Suzanne – and there it is exactly it – spot on, for some … difference is inherent – it’s them anyway, they are different without ever having to try to be different whereas many people seemingly think they are different and are always trying to prove to others that they are different when the truth is, they are basically the same. as many others.

      1. Yes, and oddly enough, the ones who try so hard to be different can be very unkind to those who Actually Are different.

          1. I was a substitute teacher for several years and saw it a great deal with those children. I have a leaning towards the children who are actually different so it often broke my heart to see them treated badly. The ones I read to now are younger and from low income households. I don’t see it as much with them. I’m not sure if that’s because of their age or something else entirely.

            1. Hey Suzanne, it is indeed an interesting comment though – perhaps it is more to do with equality and gratitude and they are more thankful? Might just be their age, but interesting.

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