Dear Blog – 12.15 – 04/10/19

“Toilet Humour Spider Style!”

Just prior to retiring for the night [last night] which was actually at 1am this morning – which all good night owls will know this is still night time on the previous day. That being that YES there is such thing as the 25 hour day and we should know because we live in them each and every day.

Anyway, last night l was sitting on the toilet reading this month’s copy of Psychology Today and l had just started an article entitled “She Woke Up With A French Accent”, when suddenly from above me dropped an unexpected guest – l could say l had the shit literally scared out of me equally as much as l actually uttered ….

“Yereekerp!! Yikes!!

… which is my type of French!! Then l shuddered all over as the beastie proceeded to stop, turn around and look at me whilst perched on the top of my right thigh! She looked, l looked, she looked, l looked, she looked … then l could not hold my breath in anymore on terrified mode and l breathed out and she looked and then ran towards me ………… “Yaaaaah!!” I said and she stopped and then she looked once more and flung herself off my thigh for the floor and stayed there whilst l tried to get my composure back.

She then proceeded to stare at herself in the reflection of the bath tub, whilst l finished my business, did the necessary and raced off to get my trusted camera!!

IMG_2148 (2)

IMG_2149 (3)

IMG_2150 (2)

This morning l was reccounting the tale to Suze … her answer was “Did you catch it?” “Yes.” I answered “With these photos!” “I see, but you didn’t think of capturing it up, and throwing it outside?” “Why would l do that, she lives here too you know?” Suze’s response, was colourful.

Rory Matier

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