Entertaining Your Amusements!

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Entertaining Your Amusements!

What were your hobbies when young and which ones do you still have now?

I was having a discussion with Suze earlier today about her hobbies or the lack of – and then we started to really talk about amusements, hobbies, personal entertainments, past times or leisurely activities whatever you yourself might class them as.  For me, l tend to use the term hobby for generalised interests and ‘dedicated focus’ for the one hobby that is significant to my everyday entertainment.

I have had hobbies and special interests all the way through my life from the age of perhaps 6 till now. Although as l have aged – my generalised hobbies have become fewer and my dedicated focus times have become more centralised.

Over the years l have held down fascinations and obsessions with and in no particular order or chronological age bracket –  yoyo’s, dinosaurs, lego, sex, fashion, comics, books, soldiers, tabletop wargaming,  insects, animals, airfix models, scrapbooks, postcards, posters, drawing, acting,  writing, photography, colour, books, reading, sharks, films, music and the list goes on and on, and on. Yet these days l have very few generalised hobbies and one only dedicated focus, that being my writing and the blog, whilst l still have interests in photography, drawing,  reading, colours and fabrics, sharks and animals.

However, Suze admitted to never having had any real hobbies or interests as a child apart from playing outside on her bike and playing with her friends, helping her mother with the cooking, the occasional bit of  sewing and from 14 years of age onwards a very healthy interest in boys.  Through her marriages again, no hobbies whatsoever – raising the kids, housework and her career. Suze at her own concession says she struggles to be able to think about starting hobbies and believes her creative imagination is quite poor.

I don’t totally agree with her having a very limited creative imagination, l think it is more to do with the fact that she was so used to being there for her children like many mothers and working that her interests and passions just leaned in other ways. Now as she is getting older, her kids are older and have children – Suze is now wanting to try her hands at finding some interests that she can trial out.

Suze loves cooking, and has an itching for working with arts and crafty upcycling…

But how about you ….

What were your hobbies when young and which ones do you still have now?

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22 thoughts on “Entertaining Your Amusements!

  1. Reading, knitting, stitching, drawing, painting and reading, reading, reading……. I hope you got the point. I read now but less than what I would like. Haven’t done any knitting, stitching or drawing lately.

  2. I’ve done crochet, cross stitch, regular embroidery, latch hook rugs, candle making, baking, tie dye, collage, writing, reading, reading, reading…

    I dont do much except the reading anymore because my hands dont work right. Mostly now I tape things together or copy words onto strips of paper for His Highness.

  3. I used to love art as a child, drawing and painting pictures. That stopped when I became a teenager and I’ve just never got back into it. I still love reading and writing though. Chicken keeping, learning about gardening and hill walking are more recent hobbies though. 🙂

    1. Yes, fencing is a horribly expensive activity, l used to do kendo, another painfully expensive past time if you are paying for it. Must have good balance still though?

  4. Reading ( everything and anything ) writing ( poetry and mocob story’s ) models ( any kind ) puzzles ( any kind ) painting ( all different kinds of painting ) crowshaying ( plankets ) sewing ( anything I could make ) electronics ( anything I could make or fix ) mechanics ( anything I could fix or build ) building things ( gocarts, minebikes, rc cars/boats, furniture ) and the list could go on and on.
    These days pretty much all I do is read and write a little and play a few video games.


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