Black Heart – Touched by Darkness


Black Heart – Touched by Darkness

A heart touched by darkness, is no joyous occasion,
Unable to feel a loving caress, and worn by abrasion,
For when sorrow lingers deep within its’ confines,
Cynicism revels in delight, and undermines,
Abilities to recover and to restore that loving belief,
Shadows cast doubts that further enhance the victims’ grief,
Black hearts are made this way by lovers’ constantly abusing,
What was offered originally with romantic enthusiasm!
The broken heart, filled with a deep and saddened mourning,
Shamefully hiding beneath folds of protective awnings,
Knowing not, when it will see the ripeness of life again,
Withdrawing further into its’ misery and wrenching pain,
For it’s not just the heart that suffers from this sensation,
The mind weakens, your body and spirit deflate into damnation,
Distrust develops over time and eats away at your very soul,
Painfully destroying your passion, thoughts and control,
You close up to the world, and become hardened to life,
This way at least you avoid unnecessary emotional strife,
And finally one day, a caress will soften you once more,
Someone will appear lovingly that you can adore,
For a life in love when all is said and done,
Is far better than a black heart that has just begun!

© Rory Matier 2014


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