Don’t Look, Don’t Blink!

Don’t Look, Don’t Blink!

Most people don’t have to think,
… of all the terrors and hidden nasties,
That can arrive from within a single blink,
Of one’s eyes.
For us it all happened so quickly,
… well, not all of us, most assuredly not me!
But the others weren’t saved from the sickly,
… and nauseating horrors of the dismembering beastie!
Deep within the catacombs, under the earth of the above,
Where we walked in our search for the secrets to the B’neath,
… quietly we explored the chambers below the higher up,
Unawares to the menaces of the churches grisly misdeeds!
Whatever it twas, took us one at a time,
…each blinked eye, another soul was tossed,
They never heard it, saw it nor was there a trace of it’s deadly crime,
… from five we decreased to one, all were lost!
When it was just me, the only one that remained,
… and my torchlight displayed to me from behind,
The floors awash with my party, ragged limbs and bloodstained,
…corpses, lifelessly looking at me, so deathly blind ..
I realised, who the monster really was,
…. l knew as l looked at the face, reflected to me,
From the bloody puddles at my feet, and it caused …
Me, to pause, before l smiled and laughed gleefully ….
…. then all light was gone!

© Rory Matier 2019

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