Secrets Beneath the Rock

Secrets Beneath the Rock

Nothing quite as dazzling or mysterious,
As the human mind,
So intricate, complex and at times deleterious,
Remarkably and incredibly designed,

Capable of hiding secrets from over the years,
Invisible traces of time,
Locking away chasms of knowledge and fears,
Just one of the abilities of the mind,

When closed to thoughts of freedom and high spirits,
Does the rock start to feel at home,
Turning off the switch to thinking limits,
And closing down the dome,

Yet when allowed to free think,
Without ideas and sparks being murdered,
Does the rock start to shine and click into sync,
No longer is the mind dead,

The rock should be open to all like a sponge,
Good, bad and the downright ugly process,
Of learning, watching and observing grunge,
But also the beautiful aspects of fluoresce.

© Rory Matier 2014

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