I Don’t Need 700 Years, But …

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A true eyesore behind the garden next to the compost heaps and behind the sheds and greenhouse.

I Don’t Need 700 Years, But …

Season 3 – Autumn/Winter 2019/20

Part 1 Garden Project.

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I think everyone needs little projects in life, to keep us active mentally and physically, motivated and inspired and to keep our positivities and enthusiasms re-energising. After being dormant for eighteen months with my shoulder and now that l have the all clear to once more start exercising, l am keen to get out and about as much as l can. It also breaks the habit of sitting in front of the computer screens with the blog or any other reason such as study or training for too long a period every day. With autumn and winter fast approaching and the clocks going back soon signalling the arrival of the longer darkness days – l am eager to make the most of the sunny days as much as l am able to.

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Clutter ….

There are things that need to be worked on in addition to preparing the garden for the end of the vegetable season for us, as well as in addition to the rebuilding of the 2020 compost heap. I want to try and be outside at least four days a week for the minimum of an hour and no longer than 2 hours, which l think is ample time to get my health and cardio wind and muscle mass back.

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Suze and l as l have written before, are going to move from our current rental here in Kent to somewhere else in England in the new year. So we want to try and work on decluttering some of the gunk and rubbish we have accumulated not just during our three years here, but other stuff that has moved with us from one location to the other. Our next move will mean, for the time being we don’t have a dog – neither of us are in a hurry to replace Scrappy [and whilst she is still with us, we know that our time is precious and short so we want what we do have together now to be special], but l’ll not soil her memory by taking on board a new responsibility just yet, but it also means we will not have to take on such a large garden as it’s a lot of work.


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Clutter …

I have loved and adored spending quality time with my pack over the last  25 odd years, but l also need to be able to enjoy life without a furry companion for a few years before recommitting to the responsibility.

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Still more clutter ..

I don’t have a lot of clutter anymore – having thrown out, given away to charity or awarded to recyclers most of my own belongings, mostly what is left belongs to Suze and a joint ownership to ‘stuff’, you know it’s not personal, or belongings or nice, it’s just …stuff.

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………and still more

Suze has said she might like to try her hands at some upcycling items that we have ..acquired! That would be a good starter hobby for her – she has a real passion for arty and crafts, cooking and gardening plus the paraphernalia that can accompany that pasttime.

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Yeah! More clutter and all clutter needs sorting!

Most of the ‘clutter’ behind the sheds and around the compost heap is NOT so much clutter, but unidentified ‘stuff’ that needs  attention, cleaning up, tidying and identifying to see if there is any financial value there or upcycle value or if it is indeed rubbish to be thrown away at the tip.

Once that is done, then we have the other issues such as the greenhouse decluttering and mm, yes MM! The shed …gulp, eek and ohhhh noooo!!

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Well, at least it will keep us busy for the next 6 – 8 weeks or so, and if lucky maybe even stretch it to the new year!

Now how about you, yeah, that’s right – you …reading, now … yeah you 🙂  Got any exciting projects planned for this winter?

Anyway l’ll take my leave of you now

Thanks for reading everyone, till the next time …

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11 thoughts on “I Don’t Need 700 Years, But …

    1. Ha ha, the outside stuff is nearly done, but that shed is a nightmare, last time Suze and l did it was three years ago this month, so it’s due 🙂 But it is the shed that will take the real time. suze has stuff in there from the time of dinosaurs …

  1. Winter projects??? Ha! There is way to much to do this fall to even think about what we do this winter. Would love to see some upcycled projects if she would allow you to share them.

  2. Stuff stuff and more stuff do we really need it ? Some times yes and sometimes no. The sheds not to bad looking iv seen a lot worse and cleaned up a lot lot” worse.

    Exciting no has to be done yes, I need to get my new tent pad done and get my other tent setup so I can take this one down and fix the tent pad that is turning into a bird bath and I would like to get my ” well ” done up right so it doesn’t turn into a mud hole again this summer.


    1. I hope that you can get the tents sorted out and the well also Dawn.

      Yes the shed isn’t so bad, but it’s still got too much ‘stuff’ ha ha. Plus when we move, we just don’t need this kind of space. Having used to live in a 40 foot caravan and so am used to not having a lot of ‘stuff’, but Suze needs to down size her stuff 🙂

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