Snifty Pen Travels – Check It Out!

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Snifty Pen Travels

I use these pens all the time, they write great and they smell fantastic. The scent lives longer than the ink. These are a black ink pen.

That’s right this is a full five set of scented pens from Snifty.

If interested then all you need to do is the following …. email me at the address below:

Title your email ‘Free Snifty Pens Please’, Inside the email say a quick hello and supply me with an address that you want the pens ‘scent’ to and voila – l will pack them up and send them to you. It doesn’t cost you anything, l cover the postage.

The five scents are:

Vanilla Cupcake


Chocolate Chip Cookie

Tropical Fruit Punch


Check out where our pens have travelled to so far!!

Snifty Pen Travels Directory

Our pens have travelled around the world and are now living in …. the UK, the USA, Canada, Africa, India, Singapore, France and Australia!!! Drop me an email if you would like your free 5 Snifty Scented Pens!

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18 thoughts on “Snifty Pen Travels – Check It Out!

  1. I love my Snifty pens. Every time I use the coffee one I have to give it a huff😉😂 like the mimeographed papers from school. Did you have those? Or was it just a US thing?

            1. 🤣 that’s wonderful! It really was just like that! The paper and ink and mimeograph machine together gave off this distinctive scent. I’m back in school again 😂. Nice flashback.

    1. Hey Goldie, no not at all, it was just to show others that the pens can travel a fair distance and no distance is too far should they wish to receive them 🙂

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