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Let’z Talk, Talk, Talk, Tal.. Abbout ZXXX

Would you consider having sex with an android?

A controversial topic and one that has been on the tip of people’s tongues for a few years now – there is no denying it, but sex robots are not just on their way but are a ‘cummin’ hard and fast in certain areas – excuse my dreadful pun there! Anthropomorphism is on the rise!!

I asked Suze this question and when the laughter and giggles subsided and she saw l was being serious and not me trying out some new strategy, she answered “No, l personally wouldn’t… you might, maybe …not sure .. but no, but it might be a thing to do with my generation [as in her age] and perhaps a younger market might consider it.”


Fair answer l thought.

Then l further thought – would l?

Mm, l wasn’t there with a quick no, or even responding with an ‘Eeew, who would??” I further thought, maybe l would,  it would depend upon the circumstances l think. But then l answer that as an ex ‘escort’ who whilst not a prostitute – had sex with women and received payment and in the process of life experienced some very odd practices and fetishes – so from my perspective is sex with a robot really that bad? Because l don’t see a problem with it in truth – it’s if anything just perhaps not as emotional, not as touchy feely’, or is that really important to some people?

Obviously when you are in a loving relationship there is more emotion to sex – well technically – but what happens if you are not? What happens if you care not for emotional sex but just fancy an unattached unemotional quickie to vent off the pent up?

Henry the £8,000 male sex robot boasts ‘superhuman sexual performance’ AND sense of humour

NOTORIOUS sex robot Harmony is now being shipped to hundreds of customers – as fears of sex-bot addiction grow.

According to some beliefs “Sex with robots is set to overtake human sex by 2050”

Others also believe that sex with robots could become dangerously addictive as well as desensitize the human sexual contact need … which is what they already say about online pornography. That android sex could eventually replace human sexuality which makes me think of the film Cocoon ….

Perhaps a sex robot is no different to a sex toy being introduced to the bedroom for the first time?

There are heavy conversations that support seeing a massive decline in sex trafficking, prostitution, sexual crime and so on …. In today’s world with smart technology and digital footprinting to make life easier for humans – is this just another way forwards in advancement or the true start of the breakdown of the human race to still be seen as humans? Alternatively – do you see any true benefits in this style of robot? Is it relatively harmless or a an absolute catastrophe on the loose? Maybe this would further devalue people?



Would you consider having a sexual relationship with a custom built to your preferences, android?

Or do you believe that original skin on skin is the only way to go?

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23 thoughts on “Let’z Talk, Talk, Talk, Tal.. Abbout ZXXX

  1. I think a sex robot would just be a sex toy with extra bells and whistles. Assisted masterbation. Personally, no thanks. I mean, maybe once to try it out, but it doesnt interest me in the long term.

    I can see how a robot could be advantageous in certain situations for certain people or couples. I’m not against the idea (unless they’re sentient, they must be given choice) of people using them.

    Very expensive sex toy…

    1. I have only just seen these responses Angie, they just this minute popped up in my pending folder …. yes a very expensive sex toy, but maybe it could make the tea afterwards 🙂

  2. I may not like people very much, but I would much prefer a human to a robot. There are already plenty of fabulous devices that can take care of business down there without getting a whole artificial body involved.

  3. “Would you consider having a sexual relationship with a custom built to your preferences, android?”

    I might, just for the experience. But bottom line, I am sure there’s nothing that can beat the warm, sweaty skin and that oh so sensual scent of the human body.

    1. Honestly answered and l have to agree despite my quirky take on the sweaty subject, l am still a fan of skin on skin and having once worn a gimp suit from head to foot, l can assure everyone that is about as close to screwing an android as l ever wish to get to 🙂

  4. I do not see where there would be any joy or pleasure in it honestly.

    I like the connection that there is between two people. The spark, the skin to skin all the little extra’s that there is. Just as toys even to me, aren’t any fun alone but can be enjoyed when used together.

    I think that if they became cheap enough that they could be in every house that wanted one then they could become a problem. But at the prices they are I don’t feel they will be anytime soon, even 2050 I don’t think they would be.

    1. Hey 🙂

      Thanks for commenting – l think what will happen is that in the next years if not even five, the market will rise on these and once the commercial demand is present, prices will drop down to a different scale – currently £5000 – $10000 bracket is a bit beyond most people’s reach – but l think that should the prices drop to more reasonable figures – there is a chance that more households than not will havr them as you suggest.

  5. Interesting post Rory 🤔.
    As an asexual I find it difficult to have sex with a person let alone an android so that would have to be a no for me.
    But like you said as the technology advances and the price comes down I think more people will buy them but I think it’s far fetch to think they will take over as the main way of sex for a very long time to come.


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