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Welcome to The Daily Four!

Today’s Questions to the Readers are….

What would make us more non disposable humans?

How much is a human being worth?

Do you enjoy being human or would your prefer to be more digital or robotic?

When was the last time a book made you 1] Laugh, 2] Cry, 3] Get Through a difficult time in your life, 4] Really think about you and your life and finally is there a book that you enjoy that you recommend to others frequently for them to read?

………… first my own answers.

These four questions have come about as a result of hearing snippets from people’s conversations in the local shop over the weekend.

What would make us more non disposable humans?


Last week l asked a question in this series “What are your views on ‘robots’ at work and the impact they could have on the human workforce in our future?” It raised a few interesting answers from those who participated and l read this from our Fandango ..

Interestingly, if you noticed on the cover of “The Week” magazine above, one of the highlighted articles is “Will Robots Take Over Most Jobs.” The subheading reads, “Over the next decade, automation and artificial intelligence could throw 54 million Americans out of work.” Scary, huh?

Generally speaking, those jobs involving repetitive physical tasks in predictable environments are at a high risk to be replaced by robot-like devices. But jobs that involve managing people, demand creative thinking, and require social interaction are less prone to being replaced by automation.

What I think is likely to happen is that many low-tech, blue collar jobs will disappear forever, due to robots and artificial intelligence. But they will be more than replaced by different kinds of jobs that require humans. Just look what has happened in the coal and fossil fuel industries. The nearly 3.3 million Americans working in clean energy jobs now outnumber fossil fuel workers by 3-to-1. Nearly 335,000 people work in the solar industry and more than 111,000 work in the wind industry, compared to 211,000 working in coal mining or other fossil fuel extraction.

Of course, this optimistic outlook is dependent upon humanity getting its act together to save our environment and the planet. Because if we don’t, the whole matter of the human workforce in the future will be a moot issue.

Which is an excellent answer and all those who took part in last week’s Question Fun and answered this question gave equally viable answers  … so it was kind of ironic in some ways to overhear a conversation about “The Week”  in the local shop and the progression of Robotic Advancement! [So much so l am even considering subscribing to The Week!]

But what does make us as humans more valuable over the likes of robots, what gives us our worth and viability? Will we be replaced as easily as many suggest or will it just be blue collar workers that lose out and we keep human managers on board the payroll?

There is always the argument that humans are not disposable … we read it, see it advertised and hear it all the time – but is it true?

I mean  there are hundreds of different robot types out there in the market sector already – be these leisure, industrial, entertainment, pleasuring and the military for starters and of course if we were to discuss androids – well l mean how long before these start to make their presence knowm? Are they already amongst us? I look at some people and think, are you really human??

I mean the only reason that we are not inundated with robotic or android life now is because the ‘intelligent and emotional’ content behaviour is still to be breached, capped or basically achieved, and progression hasn’t cracked that completely just yet ….?

But this isn’t the question is it? The question is principally what makes more non-disposable as humans? I mean why keep us? We break! We Leak, we malfunction frequently, we need to eat, drink and be social and the list of human stuff goes on and on … why do we even need to be here if there can be androids on the planet?

What truly seperates us from them? Well it is our intelligence, our mobility and ability and our manipulation of movement and our emotional empathy to feel and perceive. Are robots ever truly likely to succeed us as in total replacements? Well NOT for starters in my lifetime and that is working on the premise that l live to say late 70’s perhaps early 80’s. I mean my father died  when he was 80, my mother is still going strong at 78. My grandparents pegged out of the universe between the ages of 65 – 85 meaning an average age of 75 there alone with my parents currently averaging at around the 80 mark. Plus with the life l have lived l would be surprised if l actually saw 80!

So as long as we don’t lose our attributes that make us human we should be fine. Although perhaps we don’t have to specifically worry about androids per se, maybe we will be ‘androided’ ourselves? You only have to look at the advancement on the prosthetics industry to realise the leaps and bounds they are making with recovery      limbs. Maybe it’s NOT a worry about androids taking us over, but more along the lines that we are simply turned into androids.

I still believe that robotics, humanoids, androids, digital  … whatever are coming, they might even be here quicker than the first successful human cloning, but l think they’ll be here purely as a support for us, strengthening our weaknesses. Currently we have smart technology in everyday use. It is there to serve humans not replace humans and l believe that as long as we still keep our basic human qualities and our intelligence in check, we are in no danger of being repla………………. mm, wait a minute.


How much is a human being worth?

I sometimes wonder how these legal companies pay out in claims, l read recently that families felt cheated of the Boeing Crash compensation awarded for loss of life. They will receive roughly $92,000 each [as in each family]. It seems horrendous that’s the value of a human life, and yet l have read that some insurance firms only value the human life at £50,000 and that if you want to be considered more valuable then you pay a higher premium ….

I read also that some science companies have alued each life as high as $45 million because of all the benefits to selling the body parts and components? Your heart might fetch half a million and other areas of your body could take you up to a full million mark. Our bodies once we die are actually classed as sometimes viable commodity …. but it does make me wonder at times how our life is valued and by what criteria?

How much do you think you are worth?

Do you enjoy being human or would your prefer to be more digital or robotic?

Well, only the other day l said to Suze l would like to be more robotic as l would be able to finally find a solution to my sleeping disorders – as in – not worry about the. Not have to worry about dieting – or , or, or and the list goes on but do l enjoy being human? It’s a toughie, and the question was thrown at me in the shop – “Oy would you prefer to be more robot or more human?” Mm, conundrum indeed, many of us on the autism spectrum are already called robots and l have no complaints at time …. but that’s just me…

When was the last time a book made you 1] Laugh, 2] Cry, 3] Get Through a difficult time in your life, 4] Really think about you and your life and finally is there a book that you enjoy that you recommend to others frequently for them to read?

Last book that made me really laugh out loud?…. can’t think of one as in recently

Last book that made you cry? …. once more l can’t think of one.

Book that got me through a difficult time? … The Harry Potter series, always good.

Book that makes you think about life? … The Death and Life of Dith Pran by Sydney Schanberg stopped me dead in my tracks and the film more or less finished me off but also Papillion and Banco by Henri Charrière.

Book l suggest for people to read? … I tend to not get asked this question a lot, l was asked strangely enough over the weekend following the bizarre robotic conversation’, l struggled to answer then as well…. thinking on it, l think l would suggest the two above … Papillion and Banco by Henri Charrière.

So there we go, my four answers out of the way, now your turn … let me know your answers below or should you wish to, by all means create a post – your choice. Should you choose to do so, please do include a ping back to this link …. Question Fun Directory

Thanks for reading, Rory

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10 thoughts on “The Daily Four

  1. Here’s my contribution on your excellent four questions!

    and off the cuff (and totally meant as humorous, no criticism implied), WHY is it that every image I’ve seen of a cyborg (human + robot hybrid) is perfect physically? The males have six packs and buns of steel, the females have big boobs, tiny waists and again the buns of steel. Maybe that last thing is to be expected, because their buns are probably made of actual steel, right? 😛

  2. Nice post Rory 😀.

    1. To have honer and respect for are fellow humans to treat everyone as equals, not this stupid ass class war far we have now.

    2. Well that depends on weather their dead or alive or if their a good person or a peace of shit.

    3. Aww I would definitely prefer to be more robotic like the six million dollar woman to have so many of my medical problems fixed.

    4. I can answer all of that with one answer ” Stone Butch Blues ” by Lesley Finburg, it’s a great transgender novel of fiction but based in real facts, if you go to his website you can buy the book or download the PDF file of the book for free I recommend the PDF file as it has stuff in there that’s not in the printed book.
    Lesley has past away but left this book as ” free shar wear ” to the world that is why you can download the PDF file for free, he wrote other books but their not free their still owned by the publishing company’s.

    Nice post Rory 😀, interesting topics.


      1. My pleasure Rory, it’s been a best seller all over the world, I think you will injoy it, I’ve read it twice now. 😀

        BY FOR NOW

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