Just As It Is



Just As It Is

Reading poetry is not all that hard,
Open your mind, eyes and your heart
For only then will the words really show,
Meaning more to you as you go with the flow,
Expressing myself is my only goal,
Writing from my heart and my soul,
Some rhymes will cause others alarm,
But my poetry is not written to harm,
It is my way to express how l am feeling,
And in so doing quickens my healing,
Am l to keep my rages and angers in,
Is this not one of the biggest sins,
When l am happy, should l not share,
So openly displaying l think is fair.

ยฉ Rory Matier 2018

22 thoughts on “Just As It Is

  1. As you know English is not my first language so English poetry is still hard for me. But recently a friend of mine introduced me to Plath. She is one of the rare English poets that I can understand. I love Plath; her words speak to me.

    1. Hey Dominique,

      In truth, l don’t read an awful amount of poetry myself – l have found over the years that l could relate to a few poets, but found many a time thet their beautiful words were lost on me because of the very way they expressed themselves when penning.

      I tend to appreciate black and white poetry more, and in truth have never classed my own works as poetry, mostly it is simply rhyme and many more times than that simply words.

      In the last five years many have read my words and found that resonate with them, and the truth is l don’t even rate my own written words as anything worthy of any praise, simply because they will only ever be words that happen to rhyme.

      I am not sure if that makes sense, the basis is that l do understand what you say perfectly well.

      1. You write beautifully, Rory. And it’s not just about your ability to rhyme words. You have a very personal way to present your ideas and especially you have something refreshing to say on different subjects. It is always a pleasure to read you. And yes your comment does make sense. Thanks for taking the time to read me.

        1. I agree with you about this. But the question of the knowledge of others has always been a problem in philosophy. Yes, the words reflect to a certain extent our ‘I’, but they can also be an illusion of what we have learned; or a simple mirror of our ability to write. Some people are good at writing but socially they cannot communicate.

          Others do not have the facility to express themselves in writing or they do so but in a language that is not their first language. Difficult in these cases to truly know them well. Is not this the sign that knowing someone else completely is impossible? Even if words remain what allows us to define ourselves in part as a person, the knowledge we have of others remains limited. And then, there is also this good old saying: “The words fly away, but the acts remain.”

        2. Wow and well, yes there is always that aspect of it.

          I suppose in many cases for me personally, l can read into a person with just their words alone, whereas many need more.

          Many years ago in another life l was a profiler for a couple of years as part of a new project into human resources recruitment, used to be referred to as headhunting, back in the 80’s they classed it as profiling. My job at that time was to profile all the words that came into our department of people and make an assessment into their personality and character purely based upon their words.

          Most times, perhaps 90% on their words alone l could read them, their identity, personality and character and l was then to make a full dossier on simply a few paragraphs. Once done l would meet with them in a cafe or coffee house and observe them whilst asking specific questions designed to glean as much information out of them without them actually realising that is what l was doing.

          This was then added to my dossier and then l presented this information to the recruiter who would have a large quantity of detailed information on them before the candidate actually sat down for the actual interview and therefore specific questions could be asked of them in order to grasp their ability to communicate and on what level they were most suited and suitable.

          I became so good at that profiling, that these days l only have to see a little bit of information on a person to get an understanding of that person.

          But you are quite right, not everyone has that ability to communicate specifically in one format.

          Interesting answer Dominique a real thought provoker ๐Ÿ™‚

        3. Hello Rory,
          I do not know what to answer to this wonderful comment. I hesitate between ‘awesome’ and ‘scary’. I feel a bit of both feelings right now. Great to think that you can “profile” people and understand what they are, but it’s also scary to think that I can be part of your guinea pigs! I am a follower of the American series Criminal Minds and the character of Spencer (played by Matthew Gray) is one of my favorites. Do not worry, I will not run away. I do not have much to hide anyway. Except for the few corpses in my closet … But that’s another story. By the way, I was a huge fan of the TV series Dexter as well. Do you have enough informations about me now to make up your folder? Hihi… Have a great week.

        4. Well, for me it’s not that hard to read people as in literally read into them, when younger l had trouble reading people face to face, l am all about words.

          As l have gotten older l am better at reading people face to face than l used to be.

  2. Lovely poem Rory, yes that is why most of us write poetry to let those emotions flow. ๐Ÿ˜‰ ๐Ÿ˜€


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