Well Howdy Doody Folks!!

Welcome to Season 6 – Beautiful Nature

Well Howdy Doody Folks!!

Have a fantastic Day!

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It’s Sunday!!

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To those who have always wondered how they might best serve the wider world, wildlife conservation is, at its core, one of the purest forms of giving.

Thomas Kaplan

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No one selected the Sunday 9 so it falls by default to 1992

What’s going to put the bounce in your day?

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Tomorrow 6 From 1993

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          1. Yes, I ” had ” a ” well “, last winter I made a dug well but the summer monsoons turned it in to a mud hole, it finally dried up anuff to try and clean it out but that didn’t work so now I’m digging a new one so I have clean water to do laundry and bath with.

            BY FOR NOW

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