Slide Away


Slide Away

Awakened to the sound of a constant drip,
Not an ordinary dripping of course,
But a deliberate noise without skip,
Running, without time but performance,
All the same!

Tap drips have a pattern, but not this,
Stirring from my slumberous pillows,
And staring out the window into a dark abyss,
Ice, snow falling from the roof to ground below!

Thaw has arrived and is such a welcome bliss!
Can l honestly say for now?
No telling of course if winters’ kiss,
Has gone for the year, or if more snow,
Is to come again!
Looking out through the glassy eye,
As dawn rises from the deadness of the ground,
Breathing a sigh of relief is l,
A warming sight without sound,

Light descends upon the darkness of my mind,
As l watch the snows slide away,
Slowly do they decline,
And the grass appears for the day,
Like a bloodstain!

Not been seen for quite a while now,
Probably forgot it was there,
Been hidden it has since the snow plough,
Drove it deep underneath winters’ glare,
Least it had privacy!

The day starts with a plus instead,
Of a minus, which is great,
Love the white, but not the careful tread,
Perils in walking and icy skate,
Gone again,

But for how long, will she stay gone?
For a week more, or is it true,
That again she will respawn ,
Or is it really adieu?
Next time sneaking in again privately?

Her beauty alone l will miss, this is fact,
The perils, pitfalls and misery,
Of her presence, do not attract,
But that untouched appeal is trickery,
To eyes that do not complain!

Watching as l am, with sighs of relief,
Shaking my head to ensure l am,
Awake, and not still asleep,
More snow slips, slides and slams,
Into the ground, sliding away!

Β© Rory Matier 2009

28 thoughts on “Slide Away

  1. This is a fantastic poem: anyone’s who’s ever lived in a snowy area can relate to it!

    I admit, I was drawn to this poem because I’ve been feeling nostalgic for the wintery landscapes I grew up in. I’m enthralled by winter’s beauty, which at times can make all the discomforts feel worthwhile. But even I look forward to that first thaw!

    1. Hey Josh, my thanks for your comments here today and also [just noted] thank you for following the blog.

      There is a raw beauty to snow, frost and of course the awaited ‘thaw’, that is sometimes simply not acknowledged, but l love snow and for so many years l didn’t.

      But what can never be taken away from the fact is the unmistakable true, deeply mesmerising beauty it offers, rewards and awards us with.

      You have yourself a truly lovely day wherever you are.

        1. Oh yes, very much so. I remember once as a boy being so caught up in the wonders of the snow bound morning, that l slipped on the ice on the road outside my house! Slid down to the bottom the road and under a bus!! All l can say is l was thankful for extremely slow moving traffic!!

  2. How could anyone not fall in love with the heart from which these words spill? You are a Natural at writing spledid poetry Rory! Do you have a book?

    1. Hey Myth, thank you – no, l just write the poetry these days as and when, where as before l was penning way too many daily. One day maybe, when l start a new collection πŸ™‚

      1. Thank you! My love for poetry recognizes the pleasentries of your talent. A little envy here! πŸ˜€πŸ€­

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