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I am not particularly bothered by things, but over the years some of my phobias have changed course and direction and become a little quirkier. Like mm, well if l had to put a finger on something … l guess it would be my fear of being chased down and attacked by giant toothbrushes!!! Yeah, that’s pretty strong at present! Next to that is the burning question of ‘do we really sleep when we are dead?’

I think one of these phobias might stem from a fear of dentists!

Rory Matier


We do have a zeal for laughter in most situations, give or take a dentist.

Joseph Heller

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13 thoughts on “Random Quotes 430#

      1. Dont recall the train story but I dont remember what I did yesterday, so… 😂
        When I got hit by a train recently it just left a boo-boo on my big toe. Yours seems worse if it involved dentistry.

        I have a feeling we could spend hours, make that days, describing various ways we’ve managed to get injured. 😂😂

              1. I dont have quite the enthusiasm for sharks that you do, but they dont scare me either. I’ve lived near the ocean my whole life, never had a problem with the sharks. Jellyfish stings, yes…🙄

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