Little Black Numbers

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Written during my time as a male escort in London in 1993. I used to have to attend many a ball, gala event and dinner dance as predominately eye candy to the client, but equally to allow for single ladies to attend these events and not be harassed. I was always captivated by the little black dress. I used to wear a slim fitted tuxedo and always had to look the part. Many a time however, l would doodle poems onto napkins just to occupy my time when not in ‘service’. But the dress , well there was just something very alluring and sexy about them, so much so it inspired me to pen this.

Little Black Numbers

Atypically perhaps, to man, men like me,
Those little black numbers,
Are truly pure joys to see,
Making males into hungry predators!
To imagine the sensuality within the darkness,
Such glamour, grace and of course mystery,
Just the sight of the black fabric of the dress,
Is sufficient to inspire mental trickery!

Revealing much, yet hiding so much more,
Thoughts hanging in the air,
Lingering questions drifting off shore,
Wondering if this black number will share,
Dreams of wildest conjured fantasy,
Present since well before the creation,
Of the adornment of the numbers’ fallacy,
Yet truly the trigger to many flirtations!

Beckoning as it so often does,
The femininity of the emotions displayed,
Upon sweeping in and all is abuzz,
As the minds of male’s instantly mislaid,
Suddenly, for this is the power,
Of the little black number,
Casting its bewitchery shower,
Across the room which now is encumbered!

Momentarily silence enshrouds watching eyes,
Breath caught up and held,
Admiringly hypnotised,
Followed by the whistling noise expelled!
Unknown thoughts spiralling out of control,
Baited intentions boiling over,
Presumptions now idly stroll,
Over the fitting of the body and many smoulder!
Readiness moves forwards to cajole!

Simply the merest sight of the little black,
Is enough to make most men sigh,
Urging passions onwards into audible clacks,
Turning most bold, even the shy,
Wanting to explore the complexity,
Of the woven fabric mistress before them,
Sensing possible sexuality,
From the mesmerising femme!

This vixen wearing a black dress,
May do so for many reasons,
Such as it simply compliments,
Her figure hugs her and hides the demons!
Instantly turning her secret fears,
And flaws into intrigues and even desires,
Seducing her, and reducing her years,
Perhaps even it’s a favourite for designers,

Matters not why she chooses to wear black,
She may even feel sophisticated,
Or maybe likes the fact that it has no back,
Perhaps even wants to be mentally manipulated!
It makes her feel slimmer and yes – sexier,
Her confidence is ever present,
Adoring the complimenting fever,
That follows her and is always frequent!

Love to see women wearing the little black dress,
Irrelevant to the cut, shape or fashion,
For it accentuates the mental caress,
That l am able to imagine in passion,
A mind that needs no imagination to fire,
Can see the possibilities on show,
Just by looking at the sexy attire,
And knowing that it’s always worth a go!

© Rory Matier 1993


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