What Should We All Experience At Least Once?

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What Should We All Experience At Least Once?

I should imagine that everyone that opts to answer this question today will have a very different take on this question – so l will try and ask it as plainly and as directly as l can so there should be no misunderstanding – like the genie and the lamp and the three wishes saga! “You never said my questions had to be detailed!!”

What’s something you think every person should experience in their lifetime at least once before they die?


Either way, now you have an idea what this question is about, l am sure you had an idea before, but just in case you didn’t!

For me, l have experienced a lot in my life – like us all, l have experienced, the good, the great, the bad, the shitty, the downright fuckawful next to and alongside the joys and jubilations of discovery – the thing is – LIFE is filled with discovery and exploration in the darkside and the light side and l think that in order for a person to understand life, they have to willingly experience both and the middle … for someone to say they have truly lived life to the fullest – then that has to hold water.

Each one of us has a different take on life, we will see life through different eyes – some will see it as a huge adventure, others will see it as a wild party, others might view as one big play yard for exercise and adrenaline rushes – so one person viewing life will always be one person viewing life who will always be one person viewing life – but each viewing of that life will be extraordinarily different to the next person along.

I have lived my life l think in the diverse range of eclectism, l have tried my hands at many different things and sampled the spices and the sugars and the many choices that both of those offer equally as much as the darks and the lights, the ordinary and the extraordinary, the spooky and the sane  as well as the insane and the utter madness. I have travelled, widely and plan to travel again … l ask myself constantly, what would you like to do now … now that you can again?

But then l look at some people and l see them open their eyes in terror at the prospect of sampling the unusual delights of strange … when l say to them … but you need to do this at least once in your life so that you will know what it is and then you can decide if you don’t like it. This line of thought is mostly associated with those who heckle and judge others for the things they have done in their lives, and yet the hecklers would never deign to think of such things!


But if asked if you could write a list of what you think we should all try at least once in our lives …. what would your list hold and how realistic would it be to you?

I have thought about this list myself – it is of course in many respects a bucket list of sorts , but not. I might like to do some mountain trekking, visit India, the Great Wall of China, swim with sharks or, or, or who knows – ‘world/oyster’ come to mind.’

But what do l think people should try at least once in their life?

Living life to the fullest is the easiest answer – but they should try l think –  drink, rock and roll, drugs and sex, and food, travelling to far off places, living life with a bit of risk and vibrancy to it  and not tie themselves down too quickly to home life, kids, houses, careers and so on – live before you forget how to.

What’s something you think every person should experience in their lifetime at least once before they die?

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20 thoughts on “What Should We All Experience At Least Once?

  1. Oh wow! You know I totally agree with you about LIVING life. There are still SO many things I want to do. Hmmmm…

    I think everyone should do something that makes them uncomfortable or fearful so they can experience the joy of stepping outside their comfort zone and overcoming fear. That really opens a person up. Once they’ve done it one time, its easier to do it again. And again. Then they’re LIVING!

    1. That is spot on the button Angie – going outside the comfort zone – it takes a bit of getting used to it – but once you have tried it – you are on the pathway of the unforgiving ha ha ha 🙂

    1. Do you know that is an excellent suggestion, l have done that frequently throughout my life, lived on the streets for six months once as well as squatted for a period of my life as well – unpleasant times, but it makes you really look at life.

            1. Yes, very much so and NOT for a mere week, a week is nothing, that’s like having some pocket money for a weekend to them – no they must LIVE on it for the minimum of six months with no additional financial support – then they might appreciate – what the citizens of the UK have to undergo.

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