The Book of Only Look!

The Book of Only Look!

Look, books …
…. and the books looked!
So did l!
There were books everywhere,
Everywhere you looked,
Books, booking and booked!
That’s millions of words, trillions of words,
The bookish one thought,
……. then said … books, words, look!
I did, l looked, at the books…
…taking them all in,
lining the shelving!
Look, books, Took!
Books, Looks,
By hook or crook,
… don’t forget gobbledygook,
Don’t take, just took,
Quick look at books, that shake, No shook,
Shook, the nooks and the crooks,
That the books,
Balance on or is it in?
Books, words, took, look, shook!
My brain!!!
So many books, so many words,
Pages galore,
From ceiling to floor, and more,
… from back there to front door!
Words, pages, books,
Look, take not took, but take stock, not stook, or stuck, but shook!
So many books,
Need healthy bank book!
.. till then, can only look, not take, nor took, nor shake nor shook,
Just look at books!

© Rory Matier 2019

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17 thoughts on “The Book of Only Look!

  1. #1 Coffee… #2 Books!!!
    Its probably good that I cant afford to buy all the books I want to read. I’d have to use them for furniture like in the video.😁📚📖☕

        1. Very true. I used to fall asleep in bed with a cup of coffee, l would sleep it would go cold, l would turn over and awaken to a heart attack that nearly killed me ha ha ha 🙂

    1. Absolutely, l have at times been dwarfed by really large books stores as well, admittedly in the UK, the really old huge town stores have gone, but l remember one in Guildford [Surrey] and it was four stories high!! It was haunted as well 🙂

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