Dear Blog – 13.11 – 26/09/19

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Updating R&R

Well I realised l hadn’t penned one of these ‘Dear Blog’ entries in for a good while, almost a week on the post content side and over a week on the episode content side, so one was due. So what’s been happening in my life this last week? Anything exciting?

No, if anything… l am just coming to grips with the fact that l am a boring guy!

Suze is still in Devon, been there since Sunday mid morning, having left here very early Sunday morning after being collected by her son and his family. We speak every two days for roughly 20 minutes and text through Facebook a few times a day that’s our healthy communication.

How is she doing? Very well – bit bored – but she is eating well, sleeping better and getting her mainstay health balanced bar back which is excellent news. Whilst she has grandkids there – one has turned 13 today and the other is 10/11 so they are not running Suze ragged as younger kids would do. The 13 year old is on the spectrum and has ADHD but is still less of a handful than her youngest also on the spectrum down under who is just over 4 and a right handful of exhaustion. As said, the worst she has to deal with is boredom, because she can’t do anything – which is what was wanted for her! When is she back? Good question – l don’t know, perhaps this weekend sometime – maybe?


Scrappy and her condition isn’t worsening per se,  in some areas it is – as in her mental cognitive ability at times is a little bit unnerving, but all lessons being learned. Her physical health is fine considering her listed ailments – no bad movements from the anal gland cancer that l can see, and her legs well, they do look exceedingly wobbly at times and quite alarmingly so and she creaks when she gets up, but she is still eating like a horse and toileting well. Daily she receives her Metacam and cod liver oil. Eats from a healthy diet of cooked chicken and natural foods.

Sure she is now a very messy drinker of water as her jowls are very jibbly and loose – but she is peaceful and she ‘s loved. Her pacing this week has still been present but minimalised with Suze’s absence. Suze isn’t the problem, it’s just that when there are two of us in the house in different locations – Scrappy’s dementia goes into overdrive and she starts pacing horribly. So l am not sure how we tackle this when Suze gets back.

As to me, well l am okay – still looking for my misplaced creative ‘mojo’ but l am sure it’s around here somewhere!? I am determined to find it today! Get through this silly Top Gun moment of mine if that is what it is … actually l think it is more like mental misdirection – which may well be the same thing?

This damn bloat that makes me like a bouncy castle at times causes me some annoyance, but l think l am honing in on the culprits. I have been keeping a pretty concise food diary for most of this week and tweaking bits and bots out and in.  Potatoes and l are no longer an item, but sweet potatoes and l are good buddies!  Even the gluten free breads and l are not on good terms anymore – so that’s out again. Coffee, mm, well full coffee and l are at loggerheads about what is good and what isn’t and currently a quarter teaspoon of regular coffee is my limit with three quarters of chicory coffee – so obviously that’s my new coffee now … and the week has been worked like that. “I am a very big ‘fee’iiish’ eater now!  I think l smell like tinned fish now! Ha ha , me ‘l’ma a reel catch!!’ Boom boom!””

But the good news is that, l am getting on top of it and once l have it right, l can take my two investigation tests and send off to the labs what my diet is with the right food stuffs.  I know my bloat starts high in my chest meaning it is not an intestinal bloat but more of a twin bloat situation a joint effort.

I need to stop vaping and so l am getting closer now to simply stopping, l just need to convince myself of that – why am l am saying this? Because l think the vaping is one of the aggressors to my bloating, as it is effecting the way l swallow air – next to a problem from my oesophagus direct to my gut. The tests will establish exactly if there is for instance a parasite of sorts between the oesophagus and the stomach or if there is not. Vaping certainly will not be helping me, and whilst it is better than smoking, l am not totally convinced it’s not a culprit here.

The last person l spoke to for any length of time was on Monday – l spoke to two people that day – the chap who cut the front lawn [for about five minutes tops] and l spoke to Sam next door for roughly 20 minutes when l walked some of our grown tomatoes around to him. We put the world right. But he was the last person, l actually spoke to for longer than an occasional hello to a fellow dog walker and admittedly l have not seen many of those.  I am against coming to the conclusion that l don’t see many people and l like it, but it’s not always conducive to quality health. Whether we like society or not, we need to interact with people at least sometimes. Yes, yes, l know y’all people but YOU know what l mean 🙂

IMG_1907 (2)

The weather here has been appalling all week – like now it’s pissing down! Last time l was able to do any composting was Monday and l am pleased with my progression, l am one shift away from leveling that empty space out and starting to build the new winter compost heap! On Monday, my buddy was with me less than two feet away and quite happily posing for selfies!

I have shifted quite a bit of the old compost around – if you look at the two images below – the left is where l started on Monday when l started the shift with the one on the right after l finished my shift. I spent about an hour doing this, longer than perhaps l should have, but my shoulder had no ill effects either later that day or in the days that followed.

This time around l am shifting all the small pebbles, twigs and rocks out to make it a much smoother heap to deal with. Where we live is quite rocky ground everywhere so there is always pebbles mixed up and in with the soils.

Below shows the debris coming out of the heap with the sievings … rocks, pebbles, twigs, these’ll not break down through composting, the twigs might but they’ll take longer to break down so they needed to come out.

IMG_1887 (2)

But although this is NOT compost that is to be used for vegetable garden, this sieved lot will do nicely as a generalised garden soil covering mulch. I more or less filled this bin, and l spread an even layer right across the top of the old heap to cover the greens and browns. When l finish off emptying the old space and shower more of the debris onto the old heap. I will probably start collecting my urine for a while and just prior to starting the new heap’s space, shower a water dilution of the urine across the top just prior to moving it across so as to start the acceleration process.

IMG_1900 (2)

However more on this process in Doin’ the Dirt and not Dear Blog ha ha …

So apart from what l have mentioned, l am not doing a great deal, writing, reading and generally catching up to my catching up .. l am always playing catch up!

Rory Matier

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Dear Blog ……

18 thoughts on “Dear Blog – 13.11 – 26/09/19

  1. Sometimes I feel so behind in Everything that even the thought of trying to catch up on my catching up makes me tired. 😅. Nevertheless, onward and upward 😄 So glad to hear that Suze is resting and spending time with her grandchildren. And Scrappy is so so loved. That is the very best we can offer our beloved family members with paws. They give us all the love they have to give and we are better for it. Enjoy the chicory coffee and best wishes “detectiving” your digestive health! 😊

      1. That thought reminds me of Calvin and Hobbes. Paraphrasing – “There’s never enough time to do all the nothing you want to do”. 😊

  2. I’m glad the things have slow down a little bit and you get the so worth it peace 😉
    I’m glad also Suze is getting better even if the boredom still insist 🤪
    I’m glad also that Scrappy knows she’s very loved 😊🐶

  3. Maybe you wouldn’t have to play catch up if you didnt try to do so many things…hmmmmm?🤔 This is is your nagging friend reminding you that you are human…💌
    Also, about the vaping…its good you want to stop but you know there’s stress in your future. Will not having the vape make the looming event harder for you? Something to consider. Ok, back to minding my own business💌

    So happy that your girls are doing well!! 🧸

    1. Oh such a smarty pants!

      The problem with that logic is ‘l know that’s the problem ha ha – but what do l do? Sometimes l want to write it all out as a post, but it’ll just look moany – the biggest thing l have problems with is reading all the posts and writing my own content! Now l know a lot of people have this issue … but l don’t like to NOT keep up with my regular readers and friends … but l am always so tired and l am tiring of being called a people pleaser when the biggest person l am actually trying to please is me … that’s what l am catching up with all the time.

      I try to swing past my friends blogs once a week, then it’s every ten days, now l am two weeks! I want to read, l want to write, l have got branding and business and it’s getting to the point of just stopping the blog to concentrate on the other things …. but then where’s my hobby gone to?? Do you see the problems??

      As to vaping, l do know but l am also weary of being Mr Michelin Man 🙂

      Conundrums, conundrums.

      1. Its obvious, but have you tried simethicone (Gas-X, etc) for the bloat? It comes in liquid, I had to give it to younger as a newborn. My diet gave her gas😂

        As for reading blogs…limit to a set number from the prolific writers. You’re only human. You cant please everyone, please yourself…hey, a song

  4. Nice post Rory 😀, glad to hear Suze is doing better and Scrappy, hope you get the blotting problem under control soon.


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