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Karen writes a stonking little post here about the big C – no the red one with the beard! Christmas, three months today – because we needed reminding! About zero waste but equally as important what ‘s the ideal gift for NOT just youngsters but all ages, so not really Karen’s question , but mine’ish and hers …  Read on.

Zero Waste/Sustainable Lifestyle

14 thoughts on “Zero Waste/Sustainable Lifestyle – Blue Sky Days 365

  1. I keep trying to convince my mother & brother not to do gift exchange. They ignore me. I dont buy for them. With me & my daughters, the tradition is new pj bottoms, new socks & underwear. We buy Ben clothes and a toy or two. Very low key. Our tree gets recycled into mulch.

    1. We have a wooden tree made from driftwood, so 100% recycle, don’t use wrapping paper but recycle brown and have very little waste these days – the hardest thing is buying for each other, we share home made cards 🙂

  2. Christmas this year will be a low key affair! We’re setting a limit, buying one thing each mom and my sis and me, one nice gift, something we either need or that we can use, no waste!

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