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Welcome to The Daily Four!

Today’s Questions to the Readers are….

How often do you read magazines as in daily, weekly and what magazines do you enjoy and why do you read them as opposed to simply reading articles online?

What will you never answer about yourself if asked?

If you had to pin point with a certain amount of commitment your top five environmental concerns what would they be?

What are your views on ‘robots’ at work and the impact they could have on the human workforce in our future?

………… first my own answers.

How often do you read magazines as in daily, weekly and what magazines do you enjoy and why do you read them as opposed to simply reading articles online?

Recently, as in the last few months l have bought myself a few subscriptions for a 12 month period with some magazines – to broaden and compliment my reading diversity. I made a conscious decision to do this because of the times l was spending waiting for appointments over the last couple of years with either myself and my shoulder or Suze and found myself reading from a varied and eclectical mix of material and not being bored.

It was whilst reading magazines that l was able to ask myself questions concerning ‘blog direction’ – a question that has/had been present with me for most of this year. So l was curious to know if l could enter this arena of topical posting? I figured one of the best routes forwards would be to read from a ‘very broad and diverse range of materials’.

Magazines l am currently subscribed to are  Cosmopolitan, Good Housekeeping, Geographical, Wildlife Magazine, Science Focus, Total Film, Elle, Natural Health, Psychology Today and How It Works as l thought these would offer me a very good range of material content and topical subjects and they don’t fail.  I am now more aware of things than l was before and pleased to be.

What will you never answer about yourself if asked?

This was a question l was asked a few months ago by a friend of a friend who was talking to me about my blog – it always comes back to what you are willing to disclose about yourself. I remember back in the mid 80’s to early and mid 90’s job interview questions that l considered too probing and in truth, they were not probing at all incomparison to some questions l have heard or had asked of me in recent years.

The simple answer to this question is l will answer anything that l am comfortable answering. I am like an open book on many things – but also it depends upon who is asking the question and not so much what the question is. I ‘ll not answer questions relevant to my banking and or financial status to unimportant people – meaning, that there are only a few authorised people l will discuss this with openly,  including my partner. I usually answer this question with ‘95% honesty and openess’. If the question asker doesn’t need the information, they don’t get the answers.

But l think at times also, providing answers must be treated with some  serious respect with regards certain topics – flippant answers on serious topics l think can lead to disaster so caution must always be exercised.

If you had to pin point with a certain amount of commitment your top five environmental concerns what would they be?

Just five … mmm.

There are just so many so picking five is hard, and yet it shouldn’t be – because there are so many concerns out there. The problems lie in being able to responsibly  do something about your concerns. In other words because there are so many, you have to manage them in practical terms. So mine are,

Waste Disposal which incorporates recycling, plastic waste concerns and how we work towards sustainability with regards managing waste like my composting – small but manageable.

Biodiversity – flora and fauna – are major major concerns of mine – l do donate monthly to a charity for the protection of several species, have a few designs aimed at conservation aspects – but this is a very big concern and of course topically something that Greta Thunberg raised somewhat eloquently the other day ‘that we are at the beginning of a mass extinction’ and this is true – we are. Of course, Greta, l think is quite possibly a question all of her own. This also encompasses endangered species and eco-systems.

Overpopulation crisis is a huge concern for a hosted range of associated issues. Deforestation is another major concern … the biggest problem is that there are so many problems afoot now, it’s how do you NOT become overwhelmed by the enormity of it all?

What are your views on ‘robots’ at work and the impact they could have on the human workforce in our future?

There is so much controversy concerning robots and yet they are already a huge part to our everyday lives whether we know it or not. Robotic and digital systems are ingrained into who we are – we live with technology already. Science has been working on the introduction of robotic services into and with human interaction properly now for the last fifteen years.

People wrongly or rightly  believe/think that robot communities will replace human communities in the workplace. I am not that confident in that answer – l personally believe that robots will simply strengthen the workplace and force. But l do believe that there could well be an impact on human psycology with an increased presence and more so if the robots hold a physical entity presence in comparison to digital only.

I think this question has more road to it, than a mere small answer requirement, but l think also it’s a good starting point to another topical conversation.

So there we go, my four answers out of the way, now your turn … let me know your answers below or should you wish to, by all means create a post – your choice. Should you choose to do so, please do include a ping back to this link …. Question Fun Directory

Thanks for reading, Rory

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24 thoughts on “The Daily Four

  1. 1) I only subscribe to DreamForge. It’s an independent SF&F magazine focused on hopeful stories. Its brand new and excellent. Daughter gets Cosmo and it’s in the bathroom “library”

    2) Like you, I’ll answer just about anything about myself. I’ll also answer questions about my daughters and Ben. The depth of the answer to family questions will depend on who is asking and why.

    3) where to begin indeed. Waste disposal is something we can ALL do to some degree. I do donate to the local zoological society, they are “World Famous” and do excellent conservation work. Living near the ocean, I support Surfrider foundation events when I physically can.
    I also try to stay informed about companies that are ecofriendly and support them.

    4) ah yes… as robotics moves more and more into AI we are going to have problems unless we address this now. Great movie examples!! Another great example is Star Trek: The Next Generation season 2 episode 9. It’s where the question is raised whether Data is sentient or not.

    1. Of course, l was thinking of Star Trek, but that is almost cult like, l was thinking of doing a Theme Times on them, but l think it would be huge, where to start where to end 🙂

      Good answers all 🙂

        1. In truth, l wasn’t that much of a trekkie – l watched a few of the originals and then a couple of the films, but lost track or should l say ‘Trek’ after that. I was never really big on the space thing although l used to love watching Lost in Space’.

  2. 1. I don’t read printed magazines anymore just online free magazines my favorite one is Archeology it’s pretty good in my opinion.

    2. I’m pretty much a open book but that sad there are some things I wouldn’t answer and it depends on who’s asking what and why.

    3. Now I had to think about this one for a while to break it down into 5 catagores.
    Waste disposal – trash – what we do with it, recycling of recyclables, plant debre and what we do with it, human wast and what we do with it.
    Plastic in the inviroment already – how to clean it up.
    Air pollution – green house gases and other harmful gases.
    Deforestation – what to do about it.
    Alternative energy sources – getting started using them.

    4. Well if we get to that point that we have robot’s working out side of factures I personally don’t care but I think it would have a big impact on job’s that don’t require a lot of thinking to do as basic robot’s have already started to do.


    1. Hey Dawn, terrific answers – nicely done and well thought out, many thanks.

      Totally agree on the environmentals – the big questions of all ‘”Well what are we doing about it!?’

      1. Thanks Rory 😀 and your welcome my friend 😀.

        Some are trying to do something about it then you got Miss Strumpet that says it’s all a bunch of crap and she’s not gonna do anything about it gust palute more. 😒 😤

        BY FOR NOW

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