Are You Thumbs Up or Thumbs Down Kinda Person?


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Are You Thumbs Up or Thumbs Down Kinda Person?

NROP: Crowds – when there is no one there to help published by Goldie of Daily Flabbergast that has inspired this question.

There used to be a time when you felt safe in a crowd. Not anymore. Prepare to die alone.

I came across Goldie’s post yesterday whilst visiting their blog, and it was this post above that really sparked me from within – the very shape of our world today was present in this post and it made me think back to moments in my life ……


– l was a manager for a Principals for Men in Kingston Upon Thames, Surrey. I was short staffed and three guys came up to my store [l was on the first floor] and right in front of my eyes they grabbed 25 pairs of trousers right off the rack and ran down the stairs! I took immediate flight calling out to the downstairs staff to watch my store as l gave chase. The trio outside the store split up to try and confuse me! But the dopey sods didn’t split up the trouser stocks so l gave chase to the one holding the trousers.

I have no idea what KUT is like now as a city, but then it was a maze of alleyways and the thief knowing the city took all of these alleyways. Towards the end of the chase as l bended a corner he was waiting around the side with a random  piece of 2 x 4 planking! He hit me square in the face with the edge of the board, just beneath my nose and l heard teeth crack and like the cartoons saw blood whoosh in front of me as l ran!

He took off and still rather dazed l gave chase, he happened to run into an open space and the same time l called out for help as l ran along.It had to be a good 90 seconds of me giving chase and calling out for help, blood dripping down onto my shirt and suffering from a ragged concussion that finally two big burly fellows in front of the thief grabbed him. I had been l suppose watched from the time of the theft to the time they grabbed him, so roughly five maybe nine minutes of running and being assaulted by him, watched by maybe 30 spectators of all ages. Not one stepped up to the podium to offer assistance.

It turned out that the two blokes were actually undercover officers looking for this particular gang so l was very lucky.


I was beaten up by a gang of three people [burglars] who had just ransacked my property in London in the middle of a Saturday afternoon and once again l was watched by a dozen spectators – again, no one offered assistance.

For me the departure of helpful citizenship and the arrival of the ever watching spectatorship occured around that time – but then hey, when l was at school many years before even these two dates, the spectators watched that happen [being beaten up by bullies]  and worse, ‘cheered it on!’.

For me, l find it rare if people willingly and voluntarily offer their assistance if someone is in trouble.

Now,  l advise you to read Goldie’s post but principally it is very similiar to what l have written – it deals exclusively with ‘gruesome and morbid spectatorship’ of the ‘bestest quality possible!’ Now the spectators are armed with mobile phones and they film the grisly deeds and then – they post them to social media!!!

Awesome Chocolate Sauce!!

I know how cool!!!!! [NOT]

Instead of helping, people these days are all too keen to not step up, not step in – not get involved directly – but indirectly get involved by being part of this viral community of videoers! Mobile Phones which originally and perhaps rather naively were meant for mobile communications – you know do you remember see something bad, call for help?

… but l am old fashioned!

Pre – millennium people [spectators] were no different to post millennium spectaors well of sorts, but at least they didn’t actively contribute to a thumbs up and thumbs down situation like our videoers these days do. By not helping, even by calling the police they are actively encouraging these gladitorial combats and as has been rightly said  until there are consequences for ‘not doing sweet fuck all to assist’, then this behaviour, this culture of bloodletting and death dealing will continue to get worse… so what is it that Goldie says at the start

Prepare to die alone!!

My question because this is a question post is connected to this topic  in a round about way ….. but are you an observer or a hero?

I have in my younger days stepped into fist fights [as a non aggressive person] and broken them up, l have broken up unwittingly and unknowingly knife fights and l did get stabbed but l was wearing a heavy winter overcoat and a suit and so only suffered a pin prick of injury, luckily and more so luckily because l didn’t know the person  l was helping, in either the fist fight or the knife fight.

I remember clearly in Peterborough mid 90’s trying to sort a situation out between our security guard and a a gang of female needle using thieves who proceeded to throw and attempt to stab me with used needles whilst l was going to the defence of my employee.

I stopped helping people so readily  in the start of the millenium when l went to break up a fight and a chap held a machette to my neck and threatened to remove my head. After that particular incident l wasn’t so fast to step in and get involved, more so to people l don’t know. But if l had a phone then l would be using it to call for help and not buggering about filming the incident. Although, l tend to not think twice when it comes to animal cruelty…

Here’s the questions …..

Are you a hero or an observer to trouble when it’s going down ….

You have split seconds to decide – so are you thumbs up supportive or thumbs down not involved?

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25 thoughts on “Are You Thumbs Up or Thumbs Down Kinda Person?

  1. I would not get involved in a physical fight. But I would try to stop it by intervening and asking authorities to step in. Like call the cops. But if it is a verbal or bullying kind of fight I would get involved and try to stop it.

      1. Thanks! I was typing on my phone and instead of letters number got in. But I would not get involved in a physical fight! The rest is right.

  2. I once saw people involved in a street fight and called a friend who is a cop but was shocked at his reply when he said they will fight for some time and stop on their own..

    1. Hey Meena, strangely enough the policeman’s answer l have heard before – once l overheard a copper speaking at a riot ‘let them fight it out, eventually they’ll stop.’

  3. If I can survive my ex, I can stop a fight. I’m a big girl, six feet tall and around 190 pounds. I’m bigger than most men, height wise anyway. At the very least, I’m gonna make other bystanders get involved.

    Unfortunately, calling the police these days may do more harm than good so I dont automatically do that.

    Thumbs up👍

  4. A phenomenal post. I’m glad I was able to inspire it.
    I was wondering where the “Thumb up or down” would come into play. Ah, the world of social media…
    Your examples are incredible. You must be the luckiest/ unluckiest person. I’ve been able to step in and stop bad things from happening, and so I will try and continue doing that. I used to jump in without a second thought in the past. Now, I do take a second to try and judge the potential of a weapon that I could lose to. But I like to think that I’d still do SOMETHING.

    1. Hey l am glad you liked it – the thumbs up/down served two purposes in fact 1] social media and 2] like the Colosseum fights whereas a thumbs up meant you lived whilst a thumbs down meant you died.

  5. this is garnering you a re-blog on the topic, and the question of whether or not one is a hero or a bystander is tagged for next week’s SYW. Fascinating.

    My response to you on the question you asked is ‘it depends on the circumstances.” My go-to, knee jerk response is to help. BUT.

    I’m ‘victim’ material…I’m old, I’m frail, and I’m lame. Bad combination for confronting thugs or criminals, so what I do is call 911 and keep the phone active so they can hear what’s happening and I’ll provide details as to what I see. I’m not frightened of the thugs or criminals mind you, but I am aware of my limitations.

    1. That is an excellent answer Melanie, wisdom is the beauty of experience and age – l totally agree , l am all for helping, but these days it’s a bit more awkward – l am accidental waiting to happen, and whilst l have helped out before l was younger, and whilst l am still younger – l am in the age bracket where those who help in this country are being knifed, stabbed and killed just for trying to be the hero.

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