Grim Reality


Grim Reality

Oft remarked by others of me,
Is that perhaps l don’t sit well within conformity!
Now to say this ‘of me’ l do find odd,
Considering that it comes from so called normal bods!
To say that l am extremely cynical,
Is l personally believe overly critical!
Since when has it been so terribly wrong,
To simply not agree with the rest of the throng?
Just because l choose to view the grim reality,
Of life, and people within it in factuality,
Does not make me cynical,
Just honest, prefer facts not watered down pastels!

This does not mean that l abhor conformism,
Politically speaking l deal in realism!
Am l overly critical of the human race?
Not really, but am not quick to fondly embrace!
Fools nor their follies and strange actualities!
Suffocatingly engulfed by their sense of legality!
I see as often described in the black and white,
Of life alone, and concentrate not on shite,
Greyer areas created for peoples comfort!
Easier to explain by them when looking to convert!
Prefer my brain to actually think,
Rather than to agree with societies automated clink!

Oh l suppose l must admit by my own choice,
That l am overly cynical , but it’s my voice!
Which can declare that grim reality,
And not yours because you fear lethality!
Of the harshness of honest brutality!
Found in today’s’ not so funny eventualities!
To write within the spectrum of written conceptualism,
Simply too much for the greys of supposed realism!
Irrelevant is it that we see all colours here,
And that it is the grey, black and white in which we share,
Prejudices, failings, ailing, as well as ignorance’s,
Makes up us all and all our stances!

But the grey thinkers are in fact the true cynics,
Players of the invisible game of oblique!
Insanely remarking that the black and whites,
Talk the most shite,
Easier by far to blame the honest speakers,
Takes away pressure off the squeakers!
Sure l am so up front and in your face!
Making you think twice must be a disgrace,
Forcing your eyes to widen and your brain to click,
Whirring loudly to compensate for working ‘quick’
Well oops, that is what comes with factuality,
Especially from one looking at the grim reality!

© Rory Matier 2013


Images courtesy of Imgflip and Pixabay



12 thoughts on “Grim Reality

    1. Thanks for your comment here today Marisselee, appreciate the compliment. I agree, despite living in a world of ‘diversity’, people fear changes and those that are different. There is no winning until the masses decide to accept that divergent is not to be seen as the enemy but that society is the enemy within each other. Have a good day. 🙂

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