Three Season’s Bachelor Man


Three Seasons Bachelor Man

It’s hard to say,


l am an atypically stereotyped bachelor man?

Perhaps l am?

l am single, and live in a forty-foot caravan!!

Written 2011


Three Seasons Bachelor Man.

Now l acknowledge not all from the convent of bachelor hood,
Live this way, some have houses or apartments of brick and wood!

But my humble abode is made up of metal and hard plastic,
Fitting in with my lifestyle, which is best described as erratic!

No longer do l have a woman in my life, this is true,
I have two dogs, superb companions so l am rarely blue…

Although they do lack … somewhat in the ‘conversational department’,
The bliss they award from not being able to talk although at times is heaven sent!

Women are fine when they are great, but ‘GOD’ are terrible when rotten,
Living with a woman like this as an experience is never easily forgotten!

Nay, l am not saying l am the completely perfect man at all,
Have my quirks and oddities, and am still on the explore,
For discovering my true inner being, and whether l am supposed to be,
Sharing my time with another, or living my life out as just me?

Love women as a species, l can honestly say this is true,
But are we really meant to be together always as a ‘me and you?’

To boot …

l am an Aspergian, making me an awkward proposition,
For any new lover to take on board that composition!

With the quality’s l possess, taking me away from the rest of the crowd,
Solitary living perhaps is the only way of life l should enshroud?

Boredom l don’t seem to suffer from, nor do l ever get lonely,
Largest flaw l do have is trying to make this forty footer homely!

It can be an idyllic way of living, albeit winters are brutally cold,
Takes a certain type of person to live this way, and they must be bold!
But the summers and springs that follow the igloo way of life,
Makes up for the troubles and freezing points of winters’ strife!

I would like to say that we have beautiful autumns here,
Alas we only enjoy three seasons on the Shire Fens’ year!

Of the monthly allocation of seasonal blessings, we see three,
Spring is three, summer is also three, but six for our extended wintry!

Perhaps l have noticed this more as an isolated bachelor,
I used to enjoy more seasons in a given year, not now, not four!
Three is the best l can hope to enjoy and to see,
And this might be why, l am not succeeding romantically!
Autumn is apparently the most loved season of the year,
If true romance is to be discovered, it will be found here!

But to be truthful, l am none too bothered by the equation,
Not ready yet, for another troublesome loving relation!

Furthermore, being as isolated from the rest of society as l am…
For the time being …
… content am l in my role as the three seasons bachelor man.

© Rory Matier 2011

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