Controversy Topical What, What?


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Controversy Topical What, What?

Yoo know … everyone has a different answer to this question because everyone has an opinion and anyone who has an opinion might be viewed as controversial purely because they have an opinion on it!

However ….. what do you consider to be controversial topics?

There are many that qualify but if you were to draw up a list of what you personally consider to be the top ten what would be in your list?

Everyone has an opinion on something be it taboo or stigma of just controversial topics – everyone usually has something to say on the subject of controversy!

So what are yours? What 10 make your list?

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18 thoughts on “Controversy Topical What, What?

  1. A woman’s right to make choices about her body is a big one, and it will stay controversial for a very long time because there’s so much irrationality that gets drawn into it.

  2. For me personally the ones I wouldn’t write about are not the taboo subjects. They have to do with my personal preferences. Like sex or related subjects. I am open to writing about the so called taboo subjects that society thinks should not be discussed. Like politics, religion, Mental illness, suicide awareness, etc.

  3. Ten? That all? 😉 Okay lessee here. These aren’t in any particular order.

    1. Politics – any country really, but mostly the United States and Great Britain. We’re having a seemingly worse time than everyone else..
    2. Racism/bigotry. In my humble opinion (really it’s humble), these sort of idiots ought to be banished to an island somewhere where they can kill each other off.
    3. War.
    4. Guns/weapons.
    5. Abortion/right to life
    6. Oppression/human rights
    7. Global warming.
    8. Entitled rich people.
    9. Education
    10. Ageism

  4. 1. Discrimination/ racism/ bigotry
    2. Politics of Discrimination/ racism/ bigotry
    3. Politics of religion/ discrimination
    4. Politics of Civil rights
    5. Global warming / Politics of global warming
    6. LGBT+ rights / Politics of LGBT+ rights / LGBT+ Discrimination
    7. Health care / Politics of health care / Discrimination in health care
    8. Homeless nice / Politics of homeless nice / Discrimination in homeless nice

    I’m all for Melanie’s idea of putting the Racists and bigotes on a island and letting them kill them selves off and let the rest of us live in peace !!!


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