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Welcome to The Daily Four!

Today’s Questions to the Readers are….

How often do you write thought provoking content and how topically current are you?

Do you ever play the role in your blog as ‘Devil’s Advocate with your readership?’

What is your favourited style/genre of writing?

How often do you write in a risque fashion and what would that be?

………… first my own answers.

How often do you write in a deliberate thought provoking manner?’

Currently l am trying to write more thought provoking content with the questions and topical posts. I used to write a lot of both provocative and thought provoking content in other platforms and l wanted to do that here as well. But l needed to firm my feet into my blog first. From my experiences in writing and not so much ‘blogging’ l have come to appreciate that readerships do value content that might have a bit more depth to it, as in an edge and as l have become more confident and relaxed with my own blog style l feel that now is the right time to progress the blog forwards.

I am still working on it as a feature and l also have more plans,  once the blog designing project is completed and Lisa is doing a cracking job on closing in on the last part of the visual readership projects, for  more topical styled writing.

With regards topical and current – l am not, l am more likely to be a couple of weeks later sort of … approach.

Do you ever play the role in your blog as ‘Devil’s Advocate with your readership?’

Yes, quite often.

Between the years of 2007 – 2010 l was in fact writing for my industry [Husbandry Politics] in the role of a spin doctor and Devil’s Advocate. Release a topical post on something in the climate at the time, and pose the questions in such a way to illicit a response and then play the other side to tease the answers from the readers. Basically to rile them up, and then join their ranks – this was done to principally tests the reactions from people on certain subjects. An example is when the administration proceedures were coming in to the UK which governed the keeping of skunks as domestic exotic pets. The project was to warn keepers that skunks were likely to be considered an illegal animal if they hadn’t been descented.

I don’t do it as often here, as l used to do it in other platforms.

What is your favourited style/genre of writing?

Writing style l am not sure, as it tends to change at times and l end up confusing myself most of the time.  Genre, perhaps journal styled, descriptive story sharing narrative maybe? Possibly, l think anyway ha ha!

How often do you write in a risque fashion and what would that be?

Admittedly l have always enjoyed writing ‘soft porn and erotica’ literature – although l don’t often to do it anymore – apart from the occasional bawdy slapstick dick piece or just a bit of inuendo  – but once l get back into my full writing swing and when my stories can recommence properly l intend to reopen and reawaken this niche.

So there we go, my four answers out of the way, now your turn … let me know your answers below or should you wish to, by all means create a post – your choice. Should you choose to do so, please do include a ping back to this link …. Question Fun Directory

Thanks for reading, Rory

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26 thoughts on “The Daily Four

  1. Sometimes I like to come up with posts that get people thinking about issues they may not have given much thought to previously. Devil’s advocate isn’t a role I take on; it just isn’t a great fit with my style of communication. And while I’m probably a little TMI sometimes,. I don’t write with the deliberate purpose of being risque.

    1. Hey Ashley, great answers nad many thanks,

      I hardly do DA over here in the blog, when l was being paid to spin doctor it was principally because you have to make an audience fully understand the ins and out of new administrations coming out with regards the husbandry and legal keeping of species.

      DA, wouldn’t work here to the same degree.

  2. You are a versatile writer. Poems and prose both excellent. One thing though is that the ping backs are not working for these posts. I never see your comments on my Daily Four posts!

        1. Why is it called Formula One racing?
          The ‘Formula’ part of the name refers to the set of rules that racers and racing teams must comply, the ‘One’ part represents the fact that is the top racing category in the FIA, comprising the fastest and most advanced cars.

          I don’t watch racing, l just saw the formula and thought l would have a giggle with you, but oops my bad especially if you don’t know what F1 racing is 🙂

          1. No actually that makes perfect sense! Romance novels are big business despite the mockery and silliness and outsell other genres consistently. Women need to escape reality!

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