Sneaky Sneakers – 1

If you are a wearer of sneakers or even slip on fabric shoes do you have them plain coloured  or patterned – [ as in your footwear].??

If you were to have them patterned ….. what would your preferred pattern be for the shoe?

What colour do you prefer your sneakers to be in?

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29 thoughts on “Sneaky Sneakers – 1

  1. Nopes, none, nada, zilch….., I could go on. I don’t wear sneakers. I have sworn off them. They hate my feet and the feelings are reciprocated in full from my flat-footed feet.

  2. the gaudier the better..i have three pair of slip-on….one is turquoise and lime green, one is pink and orange, another is paisley patterned in red, orange, royal blue, purple, lime green and emerald……..

  3. My first pair of slip on Vans were purple/pink checks. I love Vans ans high top Chucks for fun/fashion (as “fashion” as I ever get) because they both offer rad colors and prints.

    Mostly these days I’m barefoot. If I have to wear shoes, I wear (discontinued 🤬) converse sandals, or slip on Guatemalan cloth shoes. Uggs when it’s cold. I have a pair of Nike walking shoes generic navy & pink.

              1. Back in my more ostentatious youth, I used to wear black Chuck Taylor All-Star sneakers from Converse with orange shoelaces. They definitely got noticed.

  4. I love sneakers! I wear them more than any other kind of shoe, mostly because I’m on my feet a lot. My legs are much happier at the end of the day if I treat them well. And colors delight me. I have some basic white keds to go with everything. But, I enjoy my colorful options too 😊

  5. I pretty much only ever wear sneakers. I don’t own any flats, heels, boots, oxfords etc. I can get away with it at my job. I don’t drive, so I walk a lot and I need cushioning and grippy soles.

    I am considering getting some green rain boots from WalMart, though, and wearing them with a skirt just to piss everyone off <3 they're $30 USD, waterproof, warm for winter, and if I want I can get two pairs and paint one of them hot pink. I'm a sneakerhead, just not the name brand kind. Too expensive.

      1. Yes! I wear a ladies 14, men’s 12 and it’s so hard to find because shoe companies think pink is just for women and women’s shoes typically don’t go past 14. But I have owned hot pink Converse and Adidas before, and I found some cute black Asics with pink soles and trim.

        1. You are so spot on there! i get really tired of manufacturers thinking .. l love pink, l love all types of pink from hot pink to the softest shades and yet can YOU find them for me?? Not just shoes, but sweaters, tops and so on, l used to in the 80’s wear pink all the time … strange how in the 80’s pink was seen as a colour worn by both sexes — where and when on earth did the shift out occur?

          1. I don’t know, wish I did. I’ll admit to a weakness for Nike Air Jordans, even though I know they are overpriced and a con. But the problem is, Nike assumes women and men sneaker collectors all fall into a binary. If you’re a girl and you want certain styles, Nike will pull the “shrink and pink” deal which also means the super cute girly ones are too small for me.

            1. It’s always assumption that is the key word and market share.

              I have found with colours for men a real struggle in the last ten years, seemingly market share and manufacturer assumption is men don’t like bright colours full stop … not just pink, but yellows, oranges and teals etc.

              It’s not that you can’t get them you can, but they are branded and you are usually having to pay through the nose.

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