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“In a dream somewhere, ‘One day the governments and the people’s of this world are going to wake up and realise that there is no world left!  We have destroyed it, we have greeded ourselves into extinction, we have eliminated our natural resources,  and that Mother Nature can honestly take no more and that one day, she’ll bite back and swallow us whole and kick the rest of us off the surface!

We are all going to wake up and come to realise just how unimportant some things are that we are making a big song and dance over, how silly and stupid other things are and yet by that time, provided we awaken to the realisation – it may already be too late!”

Rory Matier


“How baffling it is that we imagined cities incinerated by alien bombs and death rays when all they really needed was Mother Nature and time.”

Rick Yancey

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6 thoughts on “Random Quotes 423#

  1. Nice qwotes Rory. 😀
    Some have woken up but others are still on the train full steam ahead into self distruction of the world. 😞 👿


  2. Gaia’s patience is just about to its end. I would be sad to lose my connection to my cyber friends but I could live without everything else. As long as Gaia left some flora and fauna when she swatted humanity😉

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