Pirates Day Challenge Quiz Fiction Story!

Pirates Day Challenge – Saturday 21st & Sunday 22nd 2019

Three Features

Pirates Day Challenge Quiz

Pirates Day Treasures

Pirates Day Fiction Story

There’ll be Prizes fer the Best Tales!

Now Yesterday – we had Part 1 of the Weekend Pirate Challenge… the readers were asked a total of 8 Prime questions with a further 7 Secondary extra point questions and shown a total of 8 Treasures!

It was asked of you all to take note of everything within the question panels … the questions, the treasures and your answers.

Now if anyone was thinking this challenge was about providing the answers directly to the questions – they would be wrong. The real challenge is using and utilising all your answers and observations to create a 1000 word story. The style of your story, tale or poem is down to you.

Everyone will have a very different variation of answers and observations …..

The challengers have 24 hours to create their imaginative creations using as many of the answers to those questions as they can on one of the following topics.

A Pirates Life For Me

Hiding the Booty!

Hoisting the Sails

Twerking the Plank!


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17 thoughts on “Pirates Day Challenge Quiz Fiction Story!

    1. I know that Suze, but l reckon you could write a paragraph documentary piece?? I did say there is no need for a specific style in the story, tale or poem so a documented answer is fine 🙂

      1. oh i wrote a fictional tale..or tail. George read it and snickered, then said “seriously, you WANT people to read that?” lol

  1. and why are those two links password protected oh master of the challenge/ is that our challenge too? to figure out what the password is????

    1. Arr, l have just seen this Madam Melanie and l have saved it as sadly moy eyes are a bit like concrete steps they keep falling down hard on me – l will read this first thing later today – looking forwards to it 🙂

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