Downtime …


Silvery Sands Downtime

Lonely skies within the heart,
Of winter are by far the worst for me,
Irrelevant to the presence of fine art,
Dipping during downtime warily,

Sadness lingers deep in my mind,
Watching the beauty decline for night,
Knowing well it will be back in time,
Tomorrow, again l will treasure its delight!

Yet snowier sunsets are by far the best,
Truer colours are displayed to the eyes,
And watching, you feel blessed,
Reflections below mingle mysteriously,

Brightest of oranges blending gently,
Into palest crimsons and unpeeled apricots,
Smatterings of golden seas slowly,
Diffuse into deceptive scattered bloodied spots,

Sun bading farewell to us all,
Downtime behind hawthorns silhouetted,
Providing romantic backdrop fall,
For us to not forget,

Silvery sands turning greyer in regret,
As horizon promises rutted fields,
Freshness in the morning threat,
Blustering coldest winds, before concealed,

Now arrive to cool the night,
Further allowing night time paradise,
Opportunity to allow white knight,
Freedom to act and to further arise,

And from this night of downtime,
Shall we see the rising of a new day,
Greeting silvery sands again white climbs,
Happiest most they are in morning ballet.

Β© Rory Matier 2011

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        1. Really, l haven’t received it at all Beckie, l checked all my email accounts and even their spam folders and received absolutely nothing back? I will look again, in case something has slipped my eyes, how puzzling.

        2. Hey Becky, have just responded to my chain again, but just about to send you an independent email also, in case somehow the chain is glitched πŸ™‚ We will get there πŸ™‚

        3. Have you not got it then? I ask as l emailed you respectively at 10.41/1044 am UK time. I am wondering if you haven’t, if l haven’t got the right email addy?

  1. I loved your poem and if you have not previously done so, you should submit your work to a publication on Medium like The Creative Cafe or one of the many poetry pubs.

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